QOTD for March 7th by Heather Corinne Lang

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The Wellness Universe QOTD for March 7th by Heather Corinne Lang


Enjoy The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day for March 7th by Heather and find more inspiration on her page. Here is her expanded thought…


When we send the Love Light to all around us, it helps increase the beauty in the world. This energy helps others by softening their hearts, increasing their energies and assisting them in their challenges. By sending this Love Light to others, Mother Nature and all Her creatures will raise the vibrations of All. Higher vibrations bring more awareness, wellness and transformation to the world, helping create more balance and harmony, which is quite beautiful. We can do this each and every day to help boost the beauty of our personal world, and that of the one around us.
When we use this type of energy, especially in difficult situations, sending it to those in the situation has a healing effect, positively impacting anyone involved. It is important to remember that we also need to send it to ourselves. This type of energy helps clear and cleanse the space in which the situation occurred and the people involved, releasing any blockages, cords or connections created between the individuals. It helps release any negative attachments, while also giving others the chance to do the same. It helps to create balance and harmony, along with the beauty.

Simply imagine a beautiful, glowing light of pink energy moving from your heart and soul center to the heart and soul of another, as well as filling the space or place in which the situation occurred. Then, imagine the energy moving through any channels or cords between those involved. This assists in lightening us All, and when we are lighter, we radiate more beauty.


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