The number thirteen is found in the harmony of the earth’s cycles, moon cycles, women’s cycles, and in the cosmic order of the universe; it is the number of The Goddess. Today is the day of the Goddess!

I believe that each and every one of us is a Divine Being, an aspect of the creator incarnate having a human experience.

You may have already guessed that I’m a spiritual teacher; I’ve been on this path for over 35 years and am truly passionate about awakening Divine Souls like you to their potential. I believe that we all have the ability to transform, to emerge from the chrysalis of this human life, to be The Butterfly and SOAR, developing a deep connection to our soul and aligning with our true destiny.

I’ve accumulated and developed many different tools on my spiritual journey to support you to achieve this. I’ll be sharing one of these tools in 25 Tools for Goddesses (Volume 4 of The Wellness Universe Complete Guide to Self-Care) which can help you on this journey (available to pre-order here.) But I’d like to share something else with you today which can help you awaken the god or goddess within, your divine aspect, your sovereign self.

Vibrational Energy

So, this and the preceding century have seen great advances in vibrational medicine. There have been countless academic studies and there is broad acceptance by scientists and the medical profession alike of the benefit to us and ‘ALL that there is,’ of both ancient and modern vibrational medicine, derived from color, sound, crystal, and pure energy vibrations that can be channeled by other human beings. 

I’m incredibly blessed to be a channel for the Ascended Master and Angelic Collectives and work with them to spread information about the Divine Rays, the different vibrations of universal energy available to us.

There have been huge shifts and changes in the quality of this vibrational energy and the availability of rays and energies not previously accessible to humankind since 2012. Tapping into the Divine Rays for support, protection, and guidance can be empowering, enlightening and truly transformational.

Divine Rays

Each Divine Ray has specific qualities and attributes which can support you with different challenges along your life path. You can choose to work with them on a ‘light’ level, for example by invoking Mother Mary the Patron of the 6th Divine Ray, The Ray of Nurture, to step forward and enfold you in her loving, nurturing energy or connect more deeply with the Rays when true transformation can begin.

Connecting on a deeper level to a Divine Ray gives access to more of its aspects, its sacred geometry or symbol which can be used as protection or in meditation, the vibration of its color, the crystal which aligns with it, and its flame. The flame is the active principle of the Divine Ray, its dynamic practical manifestation and energy rather than their more feminine virtuous principles (I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the Violet Flame, the esoteric manifestation of the 7th Divine Ray.)

All of these aspects are elements of the Divine Rays manifestation on Earth and can potentially be channeled by ANYONE. They are the divine inheritance of mankind you simply have to know-how.

Up until 2012 mankind had access to seven Divine Rays (or sacred rays as you will often hear them described by the great channelers of the 19th and 20th century (Helena Blavatsky, Godfre Ray King, Alice Bailey, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, and Aurelia Louise Jones to name a few.) However, the shifts in planetary vibrations since 2012 mean that we have access to many more Divine Rays and with them the enormous capacity of the energies that they carry and the support of their Patrons.

The Ray\’s Patrons

I’ve channeled a little book called The Book of Many Colours packed full of simple practical steps to help you tune into the Divine Rays and also establish your Destiny Ray. This is the Divine Ray your soul has chosen to ‘ride down on’ during this incarnation and you can truly transform by aligning with its Patron and its power.

Each of the Rays’ Patrons, (Ascended Masters, Archangels, and Angelic Collectives) has given a message and an Affirmation you can use to deepen your connection and your experience of these energies. There are also other energetic tools, Oracle Cards, and a free downloadable meditation available from my website for readers of this blog at

So, on this day of The Goddess, remember who you truly are.

A sovereign being, a divine soul, an aspect of the Creator.

Take some time to discover how connecting to the Divine Rays can transform your life, awakening the god or goddess within, and aligning you with your true destiny.

As my Patron St Germain says:

“This is your time – the time of enlightenment. You can choose, whether to sit, remain in your current position, and be blind to the possibilities, or embrace them.

As always, it is your choice. The balance of existing in this human world or to soar with all the gifts of your spirit are your choices.

Choose wisely dear ones; your future and indeed the future of all sentient beings depend on this choice.”

Angela offers spiritual consultations, Life & Soul Alignment Coaching, healing, healer training, and Sacred Energy Therapeutics via her website.

Connect with Angela Medway Smith on The Wellness Universe and walk away feeling better!

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