The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 1

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 1 by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NeedPart1

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 1 by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #NeedPart1

In “The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 1” by WU World Changer Laura Probert, she will share why awareness is everything. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series next week! 

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 1: Awareness is Everything

What if there are things you haven’t learned yet that can change everything?

I’d like to introduce you to “The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want; Simple Tools for Brave Healing.” My book is brewing and due out by the end of the year. Meanwhile, The WU has invited me to craft a five-part series to introduce you to the topics and inspire you to deepen your healing journey. This is Part 1: Awareness is Everything.

(Make sure to have a notebook, pen, and timer handy for this series)

Without awareness, there is no choice. – John F. Barnes

You’ll first want to wake up people, and by that, I mean get out of your head and into your body. Most of you reading this are there, practicing awareness on a daily basis because you know it’s the key to most every desire and dream you can fathom. But maybe you’re wondering why things aren’t moving faster or why your practice isn’t transforming your life like you thought it would. So maybe there’s another way, or another layer to this we need to learn.

This first part and the one that’ll serve you until the day you die is the idea, willingness and ability to feel everything. Body awareness is the form of awareness that’ll be the game changer for this journey.

So rather than me trying to explain it, let’s practice it. Get in a comfy chair and while you read these words, practice feeling. Sink down deep into your body. Bring your attention and awareness to the sensations. What do you feel? What does the pressure of your body on the chair feel like? Are you holding tension anywhere? Does anything hurt?

Now take a deep breath and practice feeling the air move in and out of your nose, mouth, and lungs. What does that feel like? Where does your body feel like it’s moving or not moving? What feels tight? Can you feel the temperature of the air? Do you notice other parts of your body while you breathe?

Giving yourself permission to feel everything is the key to connecting with Source; the inner presence that is you. It’s your inner warrior, healer, and wisdom. It’s where your intuition lives. It’s the place all the answers you want to every question you have are going to come from. It’s time to learn your soul’s language.

Take a few more deep breaths with your eyes closed and practice feeling your body. Be curious and open. Practice relaxing, releasing and softening every part of you as you breathe. Take a moment now to do that for several breaths and then come back.

Now grab your pen and notebook and set a timer for five minutes. The kind of journaling you’re going to do is “free writing.” There are no rules, so I don’t want you to worry about spelling, punctuation, grammar or even finishing sentences. Just write without stopping until your timer goes off. Now start your timer and fill in the blank: I feel __________. Come back to this when you’re done.

When we connect with our body and practice feeling and sensing what’s there; relaxing into ourselves and touching the still, powerful place within us we can then use writing to move that energy out of us.

I write to Feng Shui my soul. – Laura Probert

The writing is the action you take for the clearing out – kinda like when you declutter a closet. In this case, we’re moving thoughts, ideas, and beliefs from our body and mind to the paper to enhance our awareness of what’s in there.

Now take a moment to read what you wrote. Reading it out loud is very helpful as well – giving a voice to the words is powerful. How are you feeling about what you wrote? Any Aha’s?

The practice of body awareness will be the foundation of creating the type of awareness you need to transform any portion of your life. If you’ve spent a lifetime out of your body and in your mind, analyzing, problem-solving, over-thinking or just trying to figure things out all the time, I promise you that while checking in with your body might seem foreign at first, you’ll quickly realize your intuition lives there. And you’ll have a beginning to a powerful life-long practice that’ll start to change everything.

You’ll find more resources at including my 6-week online course called Write to Heal.

Stay tuned for the next part 2 this series next week; Awareness of Thoughts and get ready to use the body awareness you’ve practiced, to befriend and transform your inner critic voices.


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