Who Are My Heroes?

Who Are My Heroes? by Desiree Scherini #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Heroes
Heroes! We all have our heroes.

Most of our heroes we never saw coming. They are often disguised in the garb of mothers and fathers, sisters, and brothers, the crazy aunt or uncle, or the caring classroom teacher. The ones who open the doors to what is beyond our vision; they are our ushers up the aisle to the play of our lives. Usually, they are unaware of their role. They may usher with random footsteps, as we follow.

Sometimes we are tripping in the dark; the wrong seat, wrong isle, and wrong show! But, still, we are mentored to perform in the show. We grow, we learn, we gain an appreciation for what might have gone unappreciated. There are those who guide us with love and caring, they teach us how to be the best actors in our own lives – acting authentically, and sharing what we learned from them- they are our true heroes.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to recognize who your heroes are or sometimes it\’s obvious without delay. Sometimes we recall someone who played their part in our lives especially well. Then, in retrospect, we realize someone was indeed a hero, that we did not appreciate at the time.

Always, it\’s important to stop and think, who are my heroes?

Sometimes there are those, who would be considered the villain. The opposite of the perceived “hero.” The ones who demeaned us and disintegrated our spirit. The ones who chose to destruct us rather than build us. They too can be deemed as “heroes.” If we have chosen to grow because, and beyond, our experiences with them. No, not the common hero, but an unwitting hero, none-the-less. And, for our benefit, even experiences with those unlikely “heroes,” we can find gratitude for. Certainly, we would all be happier to have all of our heroes lift us up! But, sometimes life gives us the dark heroes. The ones who seemingly would never qualify for hero status.

God and the Universe provide a way for us to translate dark into light; to choose to grow, not to cower. We grow stronger, both in the light of love and in the struggle out of darkness. The light, and the dark, happy and sad, are all the building blocks of our being. So, between tears and laughter, send gratitude, for all of it. It has built you and continues to contribute to the wholeness of your life. You may never know it, but you are probably someone\’s hero too.

So, now, ask yourself – How can I be the best hero I can be?

– Desiree

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