The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 2

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 2 by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WantPart2

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 2 by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WantPart2

In “The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 2” by WU World Changer Laura Probert, she will share about having awareness of your thoughts. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want Part 2: Awareness of Thoughts

This is Part 2 of a 5 part series: The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want and it’s an introduction to the topics in my new book, “The Awareness You Need for the Life You Want; Simple Tools for Brave Healing,” due out at the end of the year. My mission with this series is to help you understand awareness as a path to healing on a deeper level; to help you master the skills and develop a powerful life-long practice that’ll transform your life.

“Without awareness, there is no choice.” – John F. Barnes

I repeat the quote from part 1 here to emphasize that you won’t have a choice for change unless your awareness is a daily and disciplined practice. In part 1 I introduced you to the idea that body awareness, the ability to sense or feel the messages that your body is giving you, is key. And in part 2, I want you to know awareness of your thoughts is the next powerful part of the kind of awareness that’ll create a shift to move you toward your desires.

If you’re a fan of The Law of Attraction or positive thinking and manifestation, then you know how important the observation of your own thoughts and beliefs is. And next to being able to feel your body, watching the thoughts becomes a powerful way to change your life, no matter if we’re talking about your physical health, your relationships, your dream job or your dream house.

What sort of thoughts move through your mind? Can you hear your inner critic? What are the messages she’s giving you? Do you believe them? Can you sink back into your body when your inner critic pipes up and feel? Or do you get thrown into a pit of depression when this happens and check out of your body altogether? Do you see how the body and thought awareness are connected?

Can you spend a moment now to think about some of the messages you’re telling yourself? Can you come up with a few of your own limiting beliefs? The thoughts you’ve been taught are true, that you may have lived your entire life believing? Grab your notebook and pen and take a moment to write some of those thoughts or beliefs down.

Now as you read your list (out loud is better), practice checking in with your body and see what you feel as you read the thought or belief. What do you notice? Is there tightness anywhere? Any other sensations?

What would be a better, healthier way to think or believe now?

This is a question one of my healing teachers asks us to ponder as we recognize the limiting thoughts or beliefs that have run our lives. Most of us have big dreams and desires for our lives, yet we spend so much time listening to our old, conditioned tapes running in our heads all day long that we make no room to think or believe something new.

Let’s practice. Sit in that comfy chair and connect with your body by relaxing, softening and releasing into it. Breathe deeply and feel everything. Close your eyes and practice this for several deep breaths before you come back.

Now grab your notebook, pen, and timer. Remember to write without stopping and don’t worry about any rules, just write. Set the timer for five minutes and fill in the blank: If my inner critic had a name it would be _____________.

This prompt helps you separate yourself form the voice in your head and gives you the awareness that your thoughts and beliefs aren’t you. In fact, many of our thoughts are old and conditioned and come from parents, teachers, family, friends or coaches from our past that left an idea in our heads about who we are and what the rules were. When you get good at recognizing the self-sabotaging thoughts, you then have a choice whether or not you’re going to continue to believe them or choose a new way that better serves your biggest dreams and desires.

You’ll find more resources at including my 6-week online course called Write to Heal. Stay tuned for the next part in this series, Awareness of Fear, and get ready to use the body and mind awareness you’ve practiced to learn how to feel fear and use it as a compass instead of letting it paralyze you.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of this series next week!


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