Next-Level Awareness for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Ego vs Purpose: Next-Level Awareness for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

When your ego sabotages your life’s purpose you have to wake the heck up, yes one more time, and you have to do it more quickly than you have in the past.

Your purpose is why you’re alive

Because your purpose is why you’re alive. Your ego forgets sometimes and only wants you to think of you. It’s not about you anymore. You have gifts to give the world. It’s time to master that mind of yours.

Don’t get me wrong. The giving of said gifts fully, selfishly nourishes every aspect of your mind, body, and soul. The giving is the first law of receiving. But, have you remembered to give to yourself by feeling the fantabulous feeling you feel when someone else’s life is changed by what you had to give?

Ooh, just sit there for a moment. When did that last happen for you?

That has a different feeling than when you had a spa day and self-cared your way to feeling good, right?

There’s fire in that kind of purpose and different kind of good than the necessary boost we give ourselves with self-care.

Don’t stay unconscious for long

When ego starts to sabotage your purpose you quickly become unconscious about the self-absorbed and worry-fear-doubt-shame world. We get hooked into ourselves and look at mistakes, failures, ways, and we’re a goner.

The trick is to step out quickly by realizing you’ve fallen, remember who you are, but more importantly, remember who you’re here to serve with your gifts.

If you have a specific face in mind, even better.

Go listen to my spoken-word poem, “Purpose Has a Face” on YouTube and give me your thoughts about who that face is for you.

But if you don’t have it in mind yet, no worries. Know she’s out there. And imagine her in your mind’s eye. Write for her. Speak for her. Create for her. She’s listening.

I remember when I was sixteen my mom said to me, “Stop worrying about how you look and just get your ass out of the house to the thing.” Something like that anyway. She saw I was paralyzing myself because I was worried about what I was wearing, not looking good enough, and then the chaotic scene happened in front of my closet where clothes went flying off of me and I started sweating from the workout of it.

Holy crap, I found myself doing that at 51 years young the other day and I laughed out loud. This is not about you anymore, I heard. And I put on the dress, grabbed my car keys and headed out.

My ego was sabotaging my perfectly good purpose of showing up to an event, reciting my badass poetry, and possibly changing someone’s thought process about their own life, enough to change the trajectory for them toward more love and joy. That’s badass and that has to be at the forefront of my mind when I get stuck.

I remember to not stay unconscious for long now. I feel myself falling and stop the momentum way quicker. If I’m still feeling down in an hour, or later that day, or even the next morning, I remember to feel the residue of mistakes or failures and clean it off quicker. If you don’t, another layer appears and that shit starts to get heavy.

Everything is about awareness

It’s all, and I mean truly everything is, about awareness. Every possible thing getting in your way of greatness has to do with the amount of awareness you bring to the moment and the thoughts, beliefs, and actions you choose to practice at that moment. What will change your moment is choosing behaviors and actions that fiercely, unapologetically aligns with your purpose, your desires, and your dreams. Live the life you want to live. But live it now, in any way you can.

Don’t let worry, doubt, fear, shame, embarrassment, or any of the other ego-driven thoughts pulling you into the pit of not-good-enough keep you there but for a second.

Your fear of not-good-enough is boring. Be more interested in the possibility of how things might turn out if you were aiming for worthiness, love, joy, and gratitude the majority of the time.

What if you could train that negative voice to quiet down and connect with your inner warrior in-stead? The warrior who has the power to change or even save someone else’s life with her words.

That’s worth the practice.

Here are three steps for a next-level awareness practice for entrepreneurs with a burning purpose:

  1. Notice
  2. Stop
  3. Act
  1. Notice what you’re doing and where you’re at in your head about whatever it is that’s bothering you. You have to catch yourself in the middle of your thoughts and actions.
  2. Stop it! Seriously, you have better, more purposeful things to do than sit in your fear and wallow around there. Think of that face; that person who needs what you have to give. And clear your mind.
  3. Act differently and do something to align with your purpose. Go write a note to your person. Post about something that turns you on. The sooner you get fired up and passionate again, about anything that matters to you, the better. You got this.

With awareness, you get the choice!

Be badass!

– Laura

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