Benefits of A Clear Understanding of the Purpose of Emotions

We’re all moving. We’re headed for a new “place,” which is about participating in a new vibration.

It’s clear to anyone who observes and thinks that we cannot continue to stay where we are. The breakdown we’re witnessing, of almost everything, is designed to facilitate our movement to this new “place.” We’re all moving (us and our world) to a new situation; we’re transcending the material to live in a world of energy.

It’s an opportunity to move forward and rejoice. It’s an incredible time to be here on Earth. And it means we need to do everything we can to open ourselves energetically. We won’t do well in this new environment if energy is blocked.

Most of us work with the definition that emotions are “energy in motion,” e-motion. We use the definition but haven’t made sure our emotions can move, that they are in motion. To move to this new environment for living, we must and will unblock all areas of energy and emotion. When we do, we’ll better understand emotions and cooperate with them more skillfully. There are three major benefits we’ll receive.

Major benefit #1

We’ll experience an easier and fuller transition to our new, energy-based, lives.

Emotions are part of a form. They “come with” our bodies. We experience them from the earliest moments of life. We create our emotional landscape for life during our first seven years of life. Emotions accompany every experience. Each different emotion offers a message that tells us how to work with, and benefit from, our experiences, no matter how challenging they may be for us. They are a gift to us humans, tools to help us navigate life.

What have we done with emotions to this point? Resisted them! We “try not to feel,” attempt not to show them, postpone experiencing them, fear them, or feel ashamed of their expression. Resisting emotions creates problems in life. It is our biggest problem with them. When we resist emotions, they pile up inside of us, grow bigger, and constantly seek escape. In this way, resistance makes us our own worst enemy.

If you sit in a small kayak that you’ve launched on a stream and resist the current, you create lots of work and potential difficulty for yourself by trying to stay in the same location! Resisting emotions and emotional messages operate similarly. With both circumstances, if we stop resisting and flow with the current, we give up control and flow with what is happening. As a result, our experience is easier and safer.

Major benefit #2

We flow with the stream of life, allowing ourselves to give up attempts to control life.

We stop working to keep ourselves in the same location. We don’t work as hard. We develop trust, relying on the flow to take us where we need to go. We allow emotions to move, follow the energy, and blend with our new environment, our energy environment.

My life’s work has led me to develop emotional mastery. Emotions in Motion: Mastering Life’s Built-in Navigation System, is my newly-released book explaining this process and showing how it’s done. This is what I am sharing with the world, inviting you and others to put yourselves in charge of the emotions that arise in you, partnering with emotions to learn and evolve through our challenges and experiences. And this is how we utilize emotions as tools for growth, a function they are designed to serve for us.

Unlike the management of emotions, emotional mastery allows a large measure of “set and forget,” meaning we don’t have to keep returning to the same emotions, the same issues, or situations that repeat and repeat, changing the cast of characters but following the same plot. In emotional mastery, we learn to work with emotions, not control them.

Because emotional mastery leads us to know the message of each emotion that appears, to partner with the emotion and follow it’s suggestion, and to embrace the learning offered by the experience with which emotions are paired, we can more easily complete issues and emotions, then move on to other experiences, lessons, and opportunities.

This, then, is Major benefit #3

We’re able to develop a working relationship with emotions that allows them to take up less room in our life yet, still allows us to take full advantage of them to make smooth progress in our life journey. Before tapping or using other means to take emotions away from our conscious awareness, we benefit by using them as they are meant to be used and then letting them go.

If you have read this far, I presume to guess that you are a person who wants to understand, grow, help others, be conscious, and evolve. As such, it’s time for you to develop emotional mastery. It’s time for all of us to stop resisting the flow of emotions, learn their various messages, develop our ability to work with them, and collect these benefits:

  • Experience an easier and fuller transition to our new, energy-based, lives
  • Flow with the stream of life, allowing ourselves to give up attempts to control
  • Develop a working relationship with emotions that allows them to take up less room in our life

The transformation into our new energy awareness and life is inevitable. I invite you to take the best tools with you, including this easy and natural way of partnering and working with the emotions that arise in you 24/7/365, throughout your life, what we call emotional mastery.

This transition, and your life, can be smooth, supportive, fun, and richly rewarding, all through this transitional and transformative time of human existence.

Hop on now!

– Ilene

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