Be Your Light

welcoming the light in

Take what rings true and let the rest go

It is all about you. You are enough. In fact, you are so much more than enough. You are a unique spark of creation. You share your experiences with the Universe. You are appreciated. In fact, you are loved. There is nothing you can do to stop the Universe from loving you. You are worthy. There is space in the Universe for you to be heard, for your thoughts to count. Know that you are valued. You are treasured.

You chose to come to Earth to experience, so of course, you make mistakes. Give yourself a break. Just like the movie clapboards, “Take 1,” “Take 2,” “Take 3,” we get many chances to get things right. Only our creator is perfect. Be kind to yourself. Be proud that you have made it through the difficult obstacle course of life on Earth.

production clapboard

Take time to reflect and notice the positive

Look for the good in your experiences. Keep your perspective positive. Do you have shelter? Food? A friend? Often, during an unwanted experience like someone not showing up, your plane being delayed, or your child acting up we can live in the “this is awful” mode. Instead, think, “No one died. I am OK!” and keep moving forward. Keep your attention on the positive. As the old song says, “Accentuate the positive!”

When you reflect, notice your emotions

Honor your emotions and experiences. Allow yourself to feel them and realize what you learned from them. Then like a tube, let the negativity from any unneeded emotion drop away. In your mind’s eye, sense any unneeded emotion draining through you. Then fill yourself with positive feelings. Think of a clear, beautiful light flowing through you, filling up all the spaces just vacated. Let the light flow from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Stop and notice the feeling of being filled with beautiful, clear light. Your light. Let the light expand through you and beyond. Your spirit can emanate beyond your body.

Take time to do things that bring you joy

Make joy a priority. Take a walk in nature and notice the beauty around you, the flowers, the trees. Drink in the feeling. Breathe. Take a moment and just “Be Your Light.”

Your spark shines in the Universe. Others marvel at your ability to get through life’s difficulties. You have survived life’s challenging, unexpected twists and turns. You are an example to others. Stop hiding your light.

You do not give yourself enough credit. You are so much more than you think. Take a breath and allow your light to glow.

Stop doubting yourself. Trust yourself. You have much to give to this world. Just let yourself flow with each day. You do not need to find special abilities. You have all you need right now. Just allow yourself to shine. Your spirit knows the way. Breathe and allow yourself, your light, to radiate.

Know you can share your light

When you walk into a room, you bring your light and lift the whole room. You are a beacon. Don’t hide your light. Let your light kindle another person’s light. Start a chain reaction. Let’s create a fountain of light circling the world!

Be aware of your power, your light. Just breathe and allow your light to shine.

your inner light

Be Your Light!

Hopefully, you will be sharing your light at SoulTreat. You have such an opportunity to connect with other like-minded people. Please make a point of chatting with me at our SoulTreat Fair or between workshops. I look forward to meeting you. If you want to connect before SoulTreat contact me through

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