Ways to Better Mental Health Drug and Doctor-Free

The Wellness Universe supports wellness holistically.

We know supporting mental health is a foundation to a healthy life filled with wellness. As we expand on the self-help points from the article Ways to Better Mental Health Drug and Doctor-Free, the following weeks will highlight support from Wellness Universe World-Changers expertise as they support mental health, naturally.

The Wellness Universe believes optimal mental health leads to well-being and overall wellness.

In this collaborative series, you will be introduced to 6 of our Wellness Universe World-Changers who support your health and wellness. We thank Catherine Gruener M.A., M.A., LCPC, NCC, BC-TMH, PDTC for consulting on this first article.

Mental health is the foundation to better emotional and physical wellness.

This is an area of our well-being we may think about when we are experiencing negative emotions, stress, feelings that create distress or feelings we do not like to go through. Have you thought of the effects your mental health has on your overall health both physically and mentally? 

Let’s look at some of the most common experiences and the results as they manifest:

•            Stress.

•            Lack of motivation.

•            Depression.

•            Anxiety.

•            Low self-confidence.

•            Irritability.

•            Grief.

•            Hopelessness.

•            Low self-worth.

•            Negative attitude.

These are some of the physical effects:

•            Physical pain.

•            Compromised immune system.

•            Lack of appetite.

•            Emotional eating.

•            Fatigue.

•            Sleep disorders.

•            Brain fog.

•            Not feeling like yourself.

•            Anxiety or feelings of panic.

At the foundation, having positive mental health will impact other areas of your life in great ways.

What are some ways we can live healthier and heal without going to a doctor and drug free? Prevention is key, however if we are already in a place we need to heal from, here are some ways we can help ourselves:

1.           Get out and socialize. Being with people is essential for mental health.

2.           Exercise. Physical activity improves mental and physical health.

3.           Reduce stress. Remove stressors from your life and incorporate stress reducing tools and activities.

4.           Nourish your brain with healthy food. There are many foods that deplete your brain and inhibit its functioning. Eating brain-healthy foods requires better food choices.

5.           Get better sleep.

6.           Find meaning and purpose.

Find the motivation to implement some of these practices.

Lifestyle change is necessary and if you have concerns or are experiencing the effects of lack of mental health, make it a priority to do one thing at a time. Pick the one you find to be the easiest to stick with and little by little, make more changes. As you begin to see the results, you will be motivated to do more for yourself! 

There is no right or wrong way to nurture yourself to well-being.

Go at your own pace and know you are doing this for you and those you love. Be good to yourself and feel better as you nurture yourself lovingly to a better state of mind, body and spirit. We will expand on the 6 self-help tips above in upcoming articles for you to take action on from our top WU World-Changers, members of The Wellness Universe.

If you feel your issues need medical attention, please seek the help of a trained professional.

If you’ve already taken action to improve your mental and emotional health and still aren’t functioning optimally at home, work, or in your relationships, seeking professional help is suggested.

Catherine Gruener is known for her collaborative results-driven work with those suffering from intensities, anxiety and unresolved childhood issues. She has multiple graduate degrees in neuropsychology and counseling and is a certified Adlerian psychotherapist with over 25 years of experience. Connect with her personally on The Wellness Universe.

Over the next six weeks, specific tips and information will be shared on the self-help tips about that you can take action on to improve your mental health. We hope you learn a new tool, technique, or suggestion that allows you to live a happy, healthy and wellness-filled life.

We thank WU World-Changers and your supporters for living your best life, Ilene Dillon, Nancy Stevens, Catherine Gruener, Jennifer Whitacre, and Raelin Saindon, for their contributions.

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