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Introducing you to Resilience for Everyday Tools, Tips, and Exercises for Well-being, produced and hosted by Leah Skurdal, Resilience Event Leader, and co-hosted by Janette Stuart.

Now let’s introduce you to …. Featured Resilience Panel Speaker: Elizabeth Kipp


Resilient Work Culture

Massive changes in workplace expectations necessitate agility and adaptability to promote and maintain employee resilience. Investing in employee wellbeing is a strategy more business leaders are embracing.   In a study of engagement and resilience in the workplace, researchers in a 2020 Global Workforce Study at ADPRI, observed that four countries demonstrated higher Workplace Engagement than Workplace Resilience: The United States, The United Kingdom, Israel, and Sweden.  “This pattern suggests that although workers might well be set up for productivity today, they are more vulnerable should further setbacks occur in the future. Workers who are Fully Engaged but not Highly Resilient are more reactive, and more sensitive to challenges or threats — any disruption may derail them. They are operating at a high level — but they’re walking a tightrope. If they fall, they may fall a long way.”Learning and Development leaders are naming resilience as the #1 or #2 skill for employees to cultivate in the workplace. Luckily, employees might be up for the challenge.

Opportunities to Learn and Grow shot up from #9 in 2019 to #1 by the end of 2020 as a top driver of workforce culture. Glint reported in a May 2021 Employee Wellbeing report that employee happiness levels had stabilized during the first quarter of 2021 as organizations provided resources for employees to bring their best selves into the workplace. [1] To address wellbeing in the workplace, The Wellness Universe in partnership with Leah Skurdal is hosting a free/by donation, quarterly event featuring a panel of resilience experts to shed light on different aspects of resilience with a self-care exercise to practice building your resilience.

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Expert speaker, Elizabeth Kipp, is the author of The Way Through Chronic Pain: Tools to Reclaim Your Healing Power. She is a Chronic Pain Management Specialist, Addiction Recovery Coach, and Ancestral Clearing Practitioner. She has also contributed a chapter to the #1 Best-Selling book, The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Stress Relief. In her talk, Resilience: What Is It and How Do We Nurture It, Elizabeth highlights what scientific research is observing about resilience through The Predictive 6 Factor Resilience Assessment Scale. She will share insights on identifying and cultivating resilience in your life. She speaks from the experience of healing from forty years of her own chronic pain. A significant part of Elizabeth’s healing journey involved building her resilience after many years of living with a nervous system wracked with stress. She learned the skills necessary to develop her capacity to be resilient and now teaches others to do the same.   Elizabeth says, “Resilience doesn’t remove your problems in life, but resilience allows you to see past them and better handle stress. Our capacity for resilience can be modified, learned, and enhanced just like any other skill. Realize that you hold the ability to impact your own life. If you aren’t as resilient as you’d like to be, you can develop skills to become more resilient. If you’d like to create more resilience, Elizabeth offers a number of tools to help you nurture and sustain your capacity to be resilient.

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Written by: Leah Skurdal


[1] Glint, Inc. Employee Wellbeing Report

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