Welcome to the 26 Days of Happiness! Today is day 19. Please meet featured author Jacqueline Solimini from the soon to be released book: The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, 25 Tools for Happiness, sharing their inspiring story!

Is happiness an elusive concept? We can identify it, but few can define it. Much of what happiness is as a construct is based on individual feelings and perceptions. Happiness begins with our own innate sense of well-being. But by and large what really makes us happy is gratitude, sharing, giving of oneself in ways that affect us on an individual basis. What does it take to be happy, or better stated, what can we do to increase our happiness quotient?

Did I Say That?

Journaling is an important step in the healing process. In my book chapter “A Skeptic’s Guide to Happiness” I share with readers the personal toll of long-term unemployment and the unconventional approach I applied to journaling. Writing down the present was tough on the psyche, for sure. At times I could barely survive another day let alone consider what I wanted for myself and where I was headed in the future. My personal journaling method might be considered unconventional, but it worked. Getting from A to B does not have to be a pretty sight, it only has to work. In a sense, journaling is the expression of your goal(s). It is what you want and how you can manifest it. The result is a better outcome, a happier way of living, a roadmap to achievable goals. So here goes, yet another way to journal for a happier life!

Where to Start

Begin with a clean sheet of paper or notebook page. First, jot down your full name and the date. The clean paper you are writing on signifies a new and different journey in life. Next, begin meditating. The meditation step is going to take some time. Start out by giving thought to your past life. Call to mind all the reasons you were successful in your career or job. What skills and value did you bring to your profession and colleagues? Ask yourself why you were successful and how you attained your goals. Think about what you liked and disliked about your profession. Add to the mix the colleagues you worked with. Who were the personalities you loved and laughed with, and the others you were glad to have out of your life? What about job location? Was It out of state, or close to home? Allow adequate time to seek out truthful answers to your questions. Remember to consider where you are in time and the details of how and why you seek greater happiness.  

The Kid vs. Reality

When you were a child, what made you happy? What games did you play that made you laugh? Who were your best friends? Imagine yourself today as the happy child you once were. Become that child one more time. Many answers to today’s questions might be found in rediscovering childhood experiences. Then begin the writing process.

In my chapter “A Skeptic’s Guide to Happiness” I explain journaling by saying,

Writing out our thoughts in detail, both the positive and the negative, including wishes and dreams may turn into best case scenarios. Giving adequate thought to the outcome you would like to see and what you can live with are critical steps in the healing process. I chose a different journaling method, one that was creative, interesting, and ultimately led to employment.

In the same chapter I added,

The goal is self-realization and improvement…. I listed on paper the state of my present capital and what my emotional and personal investments needed to be. I was grateful knowing a happier and healthier life for myself was on the way! In effect, I realized that happiness is a continuum in life’s highs and lows. This insight helped me develop greater resilience or more ‘bounce-back.’ Inherent in problems are opportunities to find effective and lasting solutions.

CHANCE is a guide or roadmap that helps to make emotional and physical health the crown of everyday life. If this approach resonates with you, I invite you to follow these steps:

1. Address weaknesses with a different mindset; this will lead to constructive lifestyle improvements.

2. When the focus is on positive thoughts and achievable goals, you’ll begin to see problems and obstacles as opportunities and valuable lessons.

3. Equip yourself to stay focused and motivated to forge ahead and instill lasting changes in your outlook.

All of these have profound effect on the way you choose to live life.

Happier and Healthier Life

We sometimes strive to meet certain standards in our lives. Take an active role in realizing that disappointments and major setbacks can be offset with a different way of looking at situations.  Recognizing when to apply logic instead of emotion to guide behaviors is key to a happier and healthier life.


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