Choose Wellbeing Anyway

My heart overflowed with well-being while sitting in my garden nook, one evening. I listened to the sounds of spring and bird songs. No bugs! Just a cool breeze and warm sun. I felt nourished, recharged, and revitalized when I went to bed.  

At 3:00 AM, I woke up still basking in the afterglow of delicious self-care. Suddenly, I felt the familiar creepy, crawling of a wood tick on my face. Eww! I hurried to the bathroom and flipped on the light to carefully examine my whole body for more ticks.

Back to bed again. I tried to rest while thoughts swarmed in my mind. Darn! Terrible end to a great day! Why did a stupid wood tick spoil my perfect evening? What if I missed seeing a small deer tick? Will I get Lyme disease?

All at once, I recognized and took responsibility for my thoughts. I toggled my swirling thoughts to I choose well-being anyway! After getting out of my thought drama, I fell gratefully back to sleep.

I choose well-being anyway has been my mantra for years. When I wake up at 3:00 AM with another version of dread, worry, or doubt, I toggle back to my default setting and choose well-being anyway.

I remember exactly where I was the first time, I chose well-being anyway. Think of a few of those decisive moments in your life, the choice points that build your character and make you who you are.

An Ordinary Day

On one of those ordinary days that I didn\’t know would create a turning point in my life, I stood in my kitchen, roundly pregnant with my second child. With Baby number one, I had the luxury of consuming lots of nutritional supplements which I believed would fortify my body and help Baby grow. With Baby number two, I wasn\’t working for paid income, and finances were tight. I felt guilty, powerless, and angry that I could not provide my second baby with the same quality of nourishment. I feared for my and Baby\’s health and well-being.

Standing in the kitchen that day, hands on my hips in a power stance, I affirmed: I choose well-being anyway! “Baby,” I told my belly, “we might not have all the advantages, but we\’re choosing well-being anyway! We\’re choosing health! We’re choosing vitality! And we’re choosing a graceful, elegant and joyful birth anyway!”

We did, in fact, achieve the as-graceful-and-elegant-as-possible-birth I preferred. That baby grew into the kid, and now the young woman, who overcomes challenges because, she\’s going to thrive anyway! No matter what!

Choosing well-being anyway became a great self-care tool for me, my family, and my clients to achieve anything despite the challenges.

Spinning Top

We each have at our core our natural state of inner well-being that is like the center of a gyroscope spinning on an axis, our connection to the Divine within. A spinning top is an example of a gyroscope. The earth is like a gigantic gyroscope that spins along the axis of the North and South poles keeping it in harmony with the Universe.

My natural state of inner well-being keeps me spinning in harmony with the good in my life. Sometimes, I might notice that fear has created a wobble in my inner gyroscope pulling me off my center of well-being. When I notice my thoughts creating a wobble, I consciously use intention and imagination to reverse engineer my path back to center.

I imagine the future point of: What if I chose well-being anyway? Coming from the place of well-being, what did I do to get to well-being anyway despite the challenge in front of me? From my natural state of well-being within, what does it take to get back on track? This is not a mental, but a heart-based exercise. It’s like a toggle switch turning back from out-of-sync to in-sync.

Choosing well-being anyway is one of my personal tools for achieving anything. In The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care: 25 Tools to Achieve Anything, I wrote about another simple tool that I use daily. In Chapter 9, Listen to Your Body Wisdom: Transform Energy Blockages Through Movement, I focused on Body-Soul Movement, a tool that has helped me blast through emotional patterns when I notice I am stuck.

If you’re looking for a power-packed book to help you, and our world blast through barriers to well-being and help us to thrive anyway, you will enjoy reading 25 Tools to Achieve Anything.

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