My Crazy Love Story

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Happy (almost) Valentine\’s Day! Do you have a crazy love story? We asked this of a few of our WU World Changers and received some really loving answers! Read what they had to say below. Be sure to connect with each one of them individually, too! 

Dr. Patrick Williams

Life and Leadership Coach

“My Crazy Love Story:

My late wife and I (she passed 1 year ago) got married in 1999 on top of the St. Augustine Light House just to be adventurous. We did not know that two of the men in our small wedding party of witnesses were afraid of heights. My best man had to hold onto the door to the stairway so he could hand me the ring, and the minister\’s husband leaned against the wall the whole time. But bless them for supporting us in our wedding ceremony on a symbol of that which helps ships avoid the rocks, as we wanted in our marriage.”

Manuela Rohr

Yoga Teacher and Therapist BDY/EY, PRYT, C-IAYT

“My crazy love story started in 1985.

I met my future husband in our hometown in Germany. He was there on a home visit. Eyes met – heart fluttered on the spot.

I had just opened my first Yoga Studio, and he had moved to the U.S. following his dream of working and living in the \’New World.\’

Two years of horrendous phone bills and heart throbbing longing later I made the most important decision of my life. I sold my business left my beloved family and friends behind and moved to the United States. To start the journey of my life with the man I love.

Big love holds big dreams, and we learned that love survives but dreams can fall apart. Our dream of having a big family was not granted; I gave birth to a micro-premie girl in 1990, and the course of our lives changed forever.

We still live in and love each other in the country we now call home.

Big love helps create new dreams no matter how rocky the road appears.”

Karen Cherrett

Midshift Coach

“I was half aware that she was there, watching me, knowing me better than I knew myself. I was scared to look over her way, though, because of what I might see. Then I decided to take the plunge to get to know her. She was timid and shy with me at first, scared to be sharing how vulnerable she felt.

And slowly over a two-and-a-half-year period, we became good friends, lovers. My inner child and I finally met in love for the first time and now we’re the best partners anyone could have.”

Melissa Kalt

MD  Soul Strategist

“Finding and aligning with my Why had been my passion for years. On December 8th of 2017, I was finally ready for my Soul’s big ask and awoke with absolute certainty that I was to give 3-months notice at my prestigious doctor job precisely 3 weeks later. The reason? To follow my Why. The ask was huge. After all, I had a very decorated career and I single-parent 5 kids without child support!

As the 29th approached, I felt a strong impulse to join a dating site; having not had a relationship since my marriage ended in 2014. I again said yes, immediately. Just two days later, I gave notice at my job with a huge, \’YES\’ and I found my beloved online that very evening. We celebrated our one-year anniversary just recently and grow more in love each day.

Saying yes to the Divine opened the door for this most incredible gift.”

Diane Boyko Achatz

Transformational Health Coach

“My second husband and I met at a \’Country Lovers\’ dance in Santa Paula, CA.  I had just relocated to Ventura County a month earlier, having escaped a soul-crushing 28-year marriage.  I had a new interest in country music and wanted to learn how to two-step.  A co-worker and I decided on a Friday night to drive up to Santa Paula from Thousand Oaks just to see what it was all about.

We didn’t know a soul there, and everyone was decked out in Western wear from Stetsons to cowboy boots.  We stood out in that crowd like neon signs.  We walked over to a table where a man was sitting and sat down across the table from him.  The three of us started to talk, but having just extricated myself from a painful relationship, I wasn’t eager to divulge more than my first name, where I was from, and where I worked.  That nice man taught me to two-step, and we had a fun evening.  He walked us to my friend’s car; we chatted a bit and said goodbye.   I never expected to see or hear from him again, and I didn’t give him my phone number.

Three days later I retrieved a message from my phone at work; it was from the guy we met the previous Friday. He found the number of the firm I worked for, called it the next morning and spoke with one of the new brokers. He asked to speak to \’Diane\’ and was asked \’Which one? We have 3 Diane’s here, but none of them works on a Saturday.\’ He remembered I was new in the office and from Pennsylvania. He was transferred to my phone and left me a voice mail inviting me for coffee. That was the beginning of a love story I never expected or looked for. I’ve heard it said that you find your soul mate when you’re not looking for one.  I’m here to tell you it’s true.  We’ll celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary in May 2019.”

Now it\’s your turn! We want to hear about your personal Crazy Love Story in the comments section below! Maybe it’s how you met your significant other or past love? Or maybe it’s a story about you and your devoted pet? Perhaps you have a unique way that you got engaged? We want to hear about anything that has once inspired love in your life!

Wishing you a blessed and adoring Valentine\’s Day!

– The Wellness Universe

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