Dancing In The Fountain Of Life!

Dancing In The Fountain Of Life

Lately I have taken some time off from blogging, marketing, marrying people, and offering my services to the public. At first it was not really a voluntary vacation.

I was exhausted. Working at the Post Office, getting up early, then seeing clients or writing blogs or marketing myself all afternoon was taking its toll. I was no longer enjoying myself.

Yes, every morning I would get up and on the way to work, I would send out love and light to everyone who came to mind, offering my services to Spirit to whomever needed my help, whether it was spiritual help or maybe just they forgot to put a stamp on their letter. I was babysitting grandchildren, seeing clients after work, teaching classes on weekends, or performing weddings.

One morning I got up and I said to Spirit (and I believe also to my husband): so sorry. I am not available to be of service. I am exhausted. I need a break.

Sometimes we who are in the business of helping others forget that we have come into this world not just to be of service. We are here to experience joy and enjoy life!

I have come to learn that when Spirit tells us we need a break we better listen. If we don\’t then Spirit will turn circumstances around so that the break we take is not voluntary. For years my back would go out when I was in need of a break. I would find myself lying in the bed for sometimes up to two weeks, and then recuperating for up to three months. One morning, the last time my back went out, I said to Spirit, “can\’t you find some other way to get me to slow down? This is painful and I don\’t like it!” That was the last time my back failed me. Since then it has been other things.

I am finally taking breaks now before Spirit has to do it for me.

The word for today is… go out and do something fun!

If you are in the position, like I am here in Virginia of finding yourself in a location where it is impossible to go dance through a fountain because it is 17 degrees outside, then find your own fun! Watch a movie! Take a bubble bath! Go the the gym! (my preferred method of fun!) I am even planning on adding a kickboxing class to my weekly routine. And yes, I moved around some clients to fit this in!

We don\’t have to always be available to be of service to Spirit!

Spirit Knows Me

I have found myself in the position of being on the elliptical machine at the gym and finding a spirit watching me. Yes I took the time to help him. Yes, if Spirit needs me I am willing to help.

Our bodies are made to require sleep for a reason. We need time to recuperate. We need time to reboot.

I am feeling like Spirit is telling me that there are a lot of servants to Spirit out there who are exhausting themselves trying to give of themselves to the world and to Spirit and are not having fun anymore!

If you feel you are not having fun anymore, let me encourage you to take a break!

When I stopped trying to make things happen and decided to just enjoy my life and allow Spirit to do my marketing, guess what! Clients starting finding me without all those hours of marketing.

Yes it is a wonderful thing to be of service to Spirit. Yes I love what I do! I love it even more now that I have started sleeping again and going to the gym!

Guess what! The world is going to continue to rotate around the sun. The sun will come up and go down again. Life does go on.

Get up and do something fun today. If the weather is not conducive to a romp through a fountain, find something else to do that will wash away your cares and reignite your joy.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. If we can help others also find joy in their journey, then so much the better. But don\’t give away your joy to be of service to others. You can\’t give to others what you don\’t have.

Be a blessing. To yourself first and then to others.

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