The Wellness Universe Encouraging Quote of The Day by Juliette Miles

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The Wellness Universe Encouraging Quote of The Day by Juliette Miles

Stepping up and stepping out, shining your light, being a hero when you did not know one to model. Thank you Juliette for your empowering quote of the day.

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More inspiration, encouragement and empowerment from Juliette as she expands on her quote of the day:

Friends, acquaintances, and strangers have told you that you are broken, empty, angry, negative, and draining to be around. You have pain, emotional and physical scars, stress, worry, and complaints. You feel unloved or that you are never good enough. You are criticized and stuck on demise and circumstance. You have lived with pain, hurt, and emotional and physical abuse. To you, this is life. This is what you know and have experienced. You feel that you are all these things because you have been told this throughout your life. Therefore, this is who you are to yourself. This is who you’ve known yourself to be.

If you did not have these feelings or live in this energy, would you truly be yourself? Do you feel you would become lost? Do you feel you would lose touch with your identity? Good or bad, this is who you are and who you have become.

Numbing is your vice. Don’t feel, don’t care, and don’t change. There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. You are stuck with yourself. You lash out and hurt others because you are in great pain. Yet, no one cares, not even you.

If you experience these feelings, I want you to know that there is a hero inside of you who cares a great deal about you. Your greatest friend and your greatest warrior is that Shine On Hero within yourself. Just choose at this moment to be what you are, instead of constantly being buried under all that you are not. Despite what you have been told, you are not your scars or your past. You are not beaten. You are not the words and actions of others.

You were born to be love, master love, and give love to the world. You simply need to master your own soul by taking the wisdom and strength of all you have survived and making your scars beautiful. Vulnerability and silence are your best friends. Love cannot enter when ego is present, so you must discard it to let love in. So, open your wings, angel, and let the mastery of love show you the world that needs you to be its Shine On Hero.

To give that which was never shown to you, never given to you, is the measure of a true hero. You will see that your imperfections, scars, hurts, and abuse are your hallmarks of compassion and empathy. Nothing can take your love or your soul, for you have been rendered unvanquished. You trust love because you forgive all and, most of all, you trust in yourself and love. Your life’s purpose is to see what you have always been: pure love. You simply need to choose, at this moment, to reach within and find the gifts within your soul. You have gifts so bright that they will light up your life and the world.


“The Shine On Warrior Hero is You.”

Love Always, Juliette Miles

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