The Wellness Universe Quote of The Day – Nancy Rainwater

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The Wellness Universe Inspiring Quote of The Day – Nancy Rainwater

The Wellness Universe Inspiring Quote of the Day comes from Nancy Rainwater. A short message packed with powerful inspiration to encourage you!

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The expanded thought Nancy gives us on her motivational, inspiring quote is as follows:

There are many people, places, and things in this world that, at some point, didn’t seem to have “potential” until someone believed they did. Many of us can recall at least one person in our lives who believed in us … what an enormously significant thing this is in the life of a human being.

Most scientists will tell you that the decision, based on some belief or hypothesis, to investigate or to look at or for a particular entity in a certain way immediately enhances its potential for being seen or discovered. Their belief releases its potential.

Potential is inherent in all things.   Truthfully, you are brimming with potential, right now. Belief uncovers it. Belief breathes life into it. Belief ignites potential. In an intimately vital way, belief causes potentiality to become reality.

Our ability to think and to bring our enormous influence of belief into the world changes everything. Power is synonymous with potential. Believe in yourself and in the power of your dreams. Never let go of your belief in yourself, your ability, your worthiness, your magnificence. Therein lies your mightiness. In fact, surround yourself with people who believe in you, too, and ignore everyone else.

Go look in the mirror. Look at yourself in a purposefully different way. Truthfully “see” your potential. Practice this daily. Release the disbelief. Allow yourself to believe.

Ignite your own potential and the potential inherent within others around you. Any age. Any time. Anywhere. Believe. Your belief will indeed ignite potential.

Nancy Rainwater

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