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The Wellness Universe Quote of The Day – Dear James

Self awareness, contributing to a better, more spiritual and confident YOU, and raising your vibration is what DearJames encourages. His original quote of the day reminds us of how we have control of our lives, and by taking control, we not only create the life we love, but for the world.

Dear James WU 13

“We are all stewards of our own destinies.”

It is in our remembering: that we seek to experience that which we have longed to achieve.

A return to our highest Self: our oneness with all that is.

Every experience is an opportunity in the present moment: to exact ones course.

To expand and evolve: by conscious awareness and choice.

To be greater in every moment: than the moment that came before.

To know thy Self: so as to know the whole.

In coming to know the whole: we come to accept responsibility: accountability.

Both of Self and the greater whole of humanity: Spirit.

By being the steward of your own destiny: you reveal the innate embodiment of your will: your power: your oneness.

Forever refusing the expression of its opposite: a life of involuntary chance and circumstance.

We are all stewards of our own destinies: Know thyself and lead the way.


Thank you for your quote and expanded thought raising our self-awareness. For more, visit  DearJames™

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