The Wellness Universe Quote of The Day – Angela Bertoli

Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day
Motivational Monday Quote Of The Day

The Wellness Universe Motivational Monday Quote of The Day – Angela Bertoli

Perspective. Bigger vision. Hope. Positive thinking. Gratitude. Faith. This is how we get through the challenging moments in life. Angela Bertoli shares her original quote of the day with us:


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Angela gives a wonderful expanded thought on her quote of the day:

People often confuse being happy with being positive, but being positive is a permanent thinking process, where as being happy can come and go. Every life has cycles of light and dark that it goes through and dark times will eventually befall us all. When we are in our times of light it is easy to be happy and to have positive thoughts about our futures. When the darkness seeps into our days our thoughts change and it is easy to lose hope that our circumstances will ever return to normal.

Having faith is part of putting ourselves into a positive state of mind. Realizing deeply that the dark times will always be temporary and the light will shine brightly once again, gives us the ability to make it through our dimmest hours.

Faith and positivity go hand in hand for making a joyful life. Sadness is a necessary part of life as we will grieve for different reasons and various losses. During these times we need to feel the pain and sadness, but strive to get through them as unscathed as possible. Knowing that the light is trying to peek through, and is waiting just outside our door, is positive thinking. We are aware that this sad time is not going to last forever. We hang in there and make it through until we can open the blinds and allow the light to come in and warm our souls to make us whole again. ~ Angela Bertoli

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