The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by All 1 son

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The Wellness Universe Quote of the Day by All 1 son

The key to possibilities becoming reality, the key to all reality being a blessing; Gratitude. Our quote of the day comes from \’All 1 son\’ and her expanded thought is a beautiful thought to meditate on.

Allison Sara WU 15


G.O.D – Gratitude Opens Doors

By becoming a vessel of Gratitude we open the Doors of Love and we attract more and more into our lives to be grateful for. It can never be any other way and it is truly the quickest route to true abundance within our lives.

We are all on a journey to the oneness of Love within, and the first step forward is with Gratitude. Whatever we face in life is for us to learn from, so even become grateful for the lessons which may appear painful. They are a gift for us to discover our true inner strength and wisdom as we grow as Spirit.

Gratitude and Acceptance are both important tools towards oneness that we can nurture within ourselves. Acceptance of ourselves and all others, no matter what is the closest vibrational energy to love that we will attain as a human in this lifetime.

We all have the power to change not only our lives, but the lives of those around us with our choices. Make your first choice Gratitude. Gratitude for who you are, gratitude for who you are becoming, gratitude for the light and love of your being and gratitude for Life which is enhanced daily with gratitude and Doors of Love will open for you effortlessly.

Be well and remember to keep smiling, sharing and shining and to be grateful that you can.

Love to all,Walking My Talk – All 1 son a proud VIP Member of The Wellness Universe

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