End racism. Build peace. – The International Day of Peace

The International Day of Peace, also known as World Peace Day, is observed on September 21st.

The United Nations has devoted this day to strengthening the ideals of peace, by observing 24 hours of non-violence and cease-fire.

The UN Peace Day theme for 2022  is “End racism. Build peace.”

For us to achieve true peace, we are going to need to do so much more than lay down our arms. It will require building and re-building societies where all members feel that they can flourish, feel safe, be included, and grow. True peace will involve creating a world in which all people are treated equally, regardless of their race.

Racism continues to poison institutions, social structures, and everyday life in every society. It continues to be a driver of persistent inequality. And it continues to deny people their fundamental human rights. It destabilizes societies, undermines democracies, erodes the legitimacy of governments, and… the linkages between racism and gender inequality are unmistakable.

– UN Secretary-General António Guterres

Please join the efforts of the United Nations as they work towards a world free of racism and racial discrimination. A world where compassion and empathy overcome suspicion and hatred. A world that we can truly be proud of. (Source)

Here at The Wellness Universe, we believe peace begins within the individual and that,

“A happy, healthy, healed human leads to peace globally.

On World Peace Day, we invite all who can join us, for a Wellness for All PEACE DAY EVENT in observance of the International Day of Peace!

Together we can manifest a ripple effect of positive intentions during this special time for heart healing.

Peace Day Promo – 2022

“” takes place LIVE ONLINE on Wednesday, September 21st, at 4pm ET/1pm PT and as all our Wellness for All programming is, this special event is offered for free and, supported by donation. 🎁

Reserve your seat here –

Facilitating this peace-filled experience is Mid-Week Reset Meditation Guide Leah Skurdal. Who has brought in special guest Sound Healing Expert Sharon Carne, for this inspiring event! Sharon will guide you in sound healing tones for inner peace to soothe your heart and soul.

Leah will be leading a guided meditation to reconnect you to your highest good and the one family of humanity.

Together, we will align our heart-healing ripples with prayerful intentions around the world to enhance waves of inner and outer peace globally.

We hope you can join us! If not, why not practice your own day of inner non-violence and cease-fire?

For one day, be especially mindful to abstain from criticism and judgment of self and others. You could light a candle, say a silent prayer, meditate, or do a good deed for someone. Do what feels right in your soul to honor this special day and to inspire peace.

Share with us how you are celebrating the International Day of Peace so we can celebrate with you! Catch it in a photo and tag us on our Facebook or Instagram pages. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #PeaceDay #DayofPeace #UNPeaceDay

Let kindness be your guiding light!

The Wellness Universe Team

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