Exploring Your Truth

Exploring Your Truth by Laura Probert #WUVIP #Truth #TheWellnessUniverse
Today I’m asking the question; What is truth?

Part of being able to redefine healing and bust out of the box we’ve been taught to live in is realizing our truths have come from years of conditioning. Today I’m shifting into the ability to create my own truths based on one thing; aligning with the integrity of my own soul.

What’s my truth? It took a long time to come around to feeling worthy. At this point I’m no longer interested in the why’s of the timing; I’m more interested in how that journey will continue to unfold and the truths that’ll be uncovered in the process.

The core feeling of worthiness required self-love; a warrior kind. And it required a crap ton of awareness to be able to change the way I thought, believed and behaved; to choose something in alignment with my desires, instead of what I was told was true.

Truth, to me, is different for everyone. Yours is different than mine. Both are worthy of being spoken out loud in the world. Neither are wrong. Sometimes we’ll vibrate with others and the truths will be similar, creating an interesting resonance. Sometimes we’ll be triggered by someone else’s truth and find ourselves smack dab in the middle of judging it. Both are opportunities to learn and grow.

Ultimately, I’m interested in sitting in the space of judgment and watching that, accepting it, and even loving the part of me who has to do that. I’m finding it’s this awareness that holds the key to healing. Truth, in the middle of that bright light of awareness, can change in an instant. So something that’s true now might not be in the next breath.

This leads me to know what I’ve thought to be right; the rules I’ve followed up until now – they are just momentary judgments of my reality. My moment is painted with the colors of what I think about it; based on past truths and beliefs. If I can use this knowledge and remember it every time something feels “bad” inside of me, I’ll have the freedom to change it.

Having the freedom to take each moment as it comes, without judging its rightness, or the emotions with which I hold it sets up an environment for healing. Being okay with the fact that everyone around me has a different truth and practicing acceptance, curiosity, and inquiry not only helps enhance that healing environment for myself, it starts to help others too.

The truth is what you feel; not what you think about how you feel. And it’s aligning what you feel with your soul’s deepest desires.

What does your truth feel like today?

– Laura