IOTD for July 10th by M.D. Martin

IOTD for July 10th by M.D. Martin #WUVIP #IOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for July 10th by M.D. Martin and walk away feeling better and inspired! 

For a greater good that serves humanity, there will be times when actions that are forceful and immediate are necessary. Whether it is to establish or reaffirm a boundary, repel an attack or to break through a shallow barrier. Such actions should be quick and readily let go of, lest their results be lost in the confusion of blame.

But in the face of a determined resistance, one borne of fear, resentment, hate or ignorance, more can be won by persistent mindful presence than with violence. Rock is hard, obdurate and stubborn in its strength. To try to break a rock by force only fragments it into pieces. Leaving shards that even the smallest pieces are sharp enough to cut the hand that holds them in a fist. Water is soft, yielding; full and fluid. By its constant flowing presence does it sculpt rock into beauty without taking from its dignity and majesty.

Patiently does the river carve a way through the mountains to the sea; blending its purpose with that of the mountains to bring splendor to both. And in its selflessness, does it make that way accessible to all who are willing to join its flow.

By the grace in which we yield to life and each other in compassion and understanding is the beauty and peace that we shall find when we embrace a conscious presence to shape magnificence from our resistance.

~ M. D. Martin

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