QOTD for July 11th by JoAnn Neurath

QOTD for July 11th by JoAnn Neurath #WUVIP #QOTD #TheWellnessUniverse

Enjoy The Wellness Universe QOTD for July 11th by Joann Neurath.
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Here is her expanded thought …

Do you invite the truth to set you free? Far more important to our inner success than coming upon a so-called secret “how-to” practices, or those who would teach them, is the work to awaken our awareness of our need to be more awake. It is this awareness alone that remains our true friend and ally upon the path.

Our willingness to remain in the emerging awareness, the light in the darkness of ourselves, helps to keep us from falling back into spiritual sleep. In its presence, the formerly active parts of our lower-self are made passive, and the higher aspects of us become active.  As soon as you embrace this superior corrective light, even our spiritual mistakes prove themselves.  We become what we love.  What we put first in our life is what we receive from life. But, not everything we love in life loves us back.  Only the Divine, the light of truth never fails us… never!

There\’s only one reason why we ever find ourselves confused, depressed, and angry with someone; or upset with ourselves for whatever reasons. We suffer as we do in these moments because we have handed over our heart and mind to a “power” that promises to “make the crooked places straight.” Do you really think it can help us? What we really need is a new and true power at work in our life that\’s greater than we know how to supply for ourselves.

As the truth of our situation becomes clear, then we experience in life what we are, no more, no less.  We can begin simply by releasing ourselves, to let go of what we\’re sure we must have to be free, and all of the uncertainty of how things should be.  That is when a whole new awareness is awakened within us, one that goes before us at all times.  It is a silent request to the Almighty asking; “Please step in and rule this moment.”

– JoAnn

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