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Kathryn Yarborough is the founder of  Manifesting Clients, leader of the Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle, and author of KEEP MOVING FORWARD: A Guide for the On Purpose Solopreneur.

Kathryn shares how to manifest clients.

Introducing Wellness Universe World-Changer Kathryn Yarborough!

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The Wellness Universe (TWU): How do you define yourself?

Kathryn Yarborough (KY): I’m a “manifesting clients” mentor, vibrant speaker coach, and summit host. I’m the founder of the Manifesting Clients, leader of the Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle, and author of KEEP MOVING FORWARD: A Guide for the On Purpose Solopreneur.

TWU: What do you do?

KY: I break down the steps to manifesting clients so that they’re simple and doable. I teach my clients how to do the inner, outer, and planning work of manifesting clients. I take them through a process of getting good at talking about what they do so that they can reach more people with speaking. Included in my training is how to be an authentically vibrant speaker who uses Facebook LIVES and summits to attract clients.

TWU: What led you to do this work?

KY: Years ago, when I was just starting out as a dance/movement therapist, I had no idea how to grow a business and attract clients. So, I learned by reading books and applying what I read. Within a few years, I had a thriving private practice and soon began teaching other women coaches, healers, and on purpose solopreneurs how to manifest clients.

But, eventually, I got lost and confused. I didn’t want to do healing work anymore. I went through a period of uncertainty for several years.

In 2017, I made a decision to work solely with women entrepreneurs. That decision catapulted me out of the uncertainty and my business, the Manifesting Clients Academy, was born.

TWU: What will you be teaching our audience and why should they care?

KY: In the Get Ready to Speak on Summits workshop, I’m going to share with the audience the simple steps they can take to get ready to speak on summits.

Summits are collaborative speaker projects. Speaking on them is a great way to get in front of a group of people who are different from your current friends, clients, and colleagues. The people in the audience who are your potential ideal clients will love hearing from you and will want to take a next step with you. When you feel summit-ready, you’ll feel confident to apply to be a speaker and to speak on summits!

TWU: Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

KY: Let me know your questions about speaking on summits so that I can be sure to address them on December 6 at the workshop.

I’m active on Facebook and have a group called the Vibrant Entrepreneurs Circle that folks might enjoy. Here’s the link:

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