Happy New Year from WU to YOU!

Happy New Year from WU to YOU! By Shari Alyse #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #HappyNewYear #FromWUToYou #CoFounder #ShariAlyse

Happy New Year from WU to YOU!

Happy New Year, friends!

I first want to give a heartfelt \’Thank You\’ for making The Wellness Universe part of your life for the last year. You have been committed supporters, readers, and encouragers of our mission and we are so very grateful that you see the vision along with us.

It\’s such an exciting and important time in our world right now. If you listen really closely, you can feel the rumblings of people awakening from their long slumbers. Every day people are starting to wake up to their lives. It\’s not only a select group of people who are speaking about peace, self-love, forgiveness, humanity, kindness and oneness. People are seeing the direction that the world has been headed in and realizing that they can\’t sit on the sidelines anymore and hope that someone else will make the changes. Hoping that someone else will turn the tide. Hoping that someone else will make it all better.

My friends, people are awakening to their own power and light.

It used to be only in certain circles that I would partake in conversations having to do with our life\’s purpose, mission, and destiny. It was the background noise. The quiet humming in the distance. But now that humming is beginning to rumble. Those murmured sounds are becoming roars. I\’m witnessing people in their later stages of life who are now speaking about just \’getting started\’. I\’m seeing young adults sharing their hearts wishing for a better world and wanting to be part of making that happen. It\’s definitely an exciting time to be alive.

We here at The Wellness Universe invite you to step into your greatness! To get off the bench and jump into the game. To step off the sidelines of your life and really embrace that voice within that is begging you to put aside your doubts and fears and really become who you\’re here to be. The world needs you.

You need you.

Now let me be clear, not everyone is here to literally save the world. Yet, there is just as much value in the person who cures Cancer as there is in the person who shows up each day gifting the world with their smile. Each of us has our own unique purpose and reason for being here and we each matter equally. The only thing that truly matters is that you show up each day in your own shining, magnificent light and that you don\’t allow anyone or anything to dim it.

This new year, I invite you to give a voice to those whispers inside of you. The ones that are urging you to honor that calling, whatever that may be. Do not let another year go by where you hush that voice hoping that it will settle itself down.

It won\’t.

You see, there is an awakening and you are part of it. You have been invited to the party and it is my greatest wish for you that you not only show up for it, but you do so with a big ol\’ roar!

Happy 2016, my friends!

May every desire in your heart be fulfilled because you are WORTHY of having them.

Happy New Year from WU to YOU!

With Gratitude,

Shari Alyse

Co-Founder, The Wellness Universe


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