Manifesting Words for 2016

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Manifesting Words for 2016 – January: The Pivot Power of Yet

Be careful how you speak about yourself – because you are listening. – Lisa M. Hayes

“How is your New Year looking so far?” I asked my friend Jo the other day.

Jo gave me her personal forecast. “Well, pretty good, I think. February and March are going to be difficult because I don’t have the rent money.”

Now one of my intentions for and repeated prayers to my Higher Power for 2015 has been to sharpen my listening skills. And I sometimes notice not only what I just heard, but also what is missing from what I just heard. I felt myself stop for a moment and consider Jo’s report. I reviewed her words in my mind.

“February and March are going to be difficult because you don’t have the rent money – yet.” I replied.

“No I don’t.” and after a moment – “Yet?! I like the sound of that. Somehow just hearing that word makes me feel better,” Jo expressed in surprise.

“Yes. That word ‘yet’ can change the picture quite a bit – really change my perspective when I use it.” I shared. “You say that those months will be difficult because you don’t have the rent money – as a declarative statement. Now I see that currently this is how you see your reality unfolding. But by making this as a firm and declarative statement, I believe you are closing the door shut on the Field of Infinite Possibility to act in your life. You have decided that February and March are going to be difficult months. You have decided that your do not have the rent money. Well, you do not have the rent money now. That is a true statement for now, in this moment. By adding in the word ‘yet’ at the end of your sentence here, you are saying to yourself and the Universe that you are keeping the option open for something new to come into your future. You are redefining how you are being in this very moment. You are making a choice about how it is.”

Jo replied, “I really feel the difference in the energy between those two statements. And I feel so much better; like I am freed up when I add that word ‘yet’. That’s incredible how much difference one word makes!”

“Yes. Consider this: ‘February and March are going to be difficult because I don’t have the rent money.’ This sentence leaves the speaker and even the listener in the energy of fear for the future. ‘What will I do about finding a place to live? What if I cannot find a place to live? Will I be homeless? Then what will I do?’ Do you see how the structure of this holds us in the energy of fear? And in the energy of fear, we can end up moving right down into a negative spiral. We can even get stuck there if we are not aware of our actions in the present moment.”

“Now consider this: ‘February and March are going to be difficult because I don’t have the rent money yet.’ Here you have left the door open for possibility. This sentence leads the speaker as well as the listener right into the energy of empowerment not only in the future but right here, in the now – where the Field of Possibility lies wide open for us. ‘I may be able to find a way to get the rent money I need. Maybe I will find a job, or some other way to make it happen for February and March.’ You have tapped right into the pivot power of the word ‘yet’. Just by adding this word to the end of your sentence, you have moved from the energy of fear and lack into the energy of manifesting and abundance.”

“You know,” said Jo, “My New Year is suddenly looking much brighter! And I’m going to go make a list of the things I can do to take action to get the rent money I need.”

When we are present and conscious of how we show up in the world, in this moment, we actually define our world. Our thoughts and our words have the power to move us into whatever we bring to the moment. It is up to us to make the choice to fall into the lack that fear brings or step into empowerment.

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