A Healer\’s Journey Part 2

A Healer\'s Journey Part 2 by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #JourneyPart2

Welcome to A Healer\’s Journey Part 2.

If you missed Part 1, be sure to read “Why You Were Born to Share Your Story.” Today we’re going to tackle a big question: If there were nobody left to offend, upset, or disappoint, who would you become?

Healers have a huge mission in the world.

We opted for the challenge of facilitating a process by which people peel off the layers physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual gunk preventing their peak health and happiness. Part of this job is to tell our own story, to help others understand: they’re not alone, pain can be transformed, and there’s purpose to their journey.

But healers have doubt, fear, and a fierce inner critic letting them know all the reasons they should not tell their story.

We battle the “what if’s,” constantly. What if I offend someone by telling my story? What if they hate me? What if I upset my mother? What if I hurt someone?

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If they wanted you to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better.  — Anne Lamott

When you censor yourself and your life based on the fear of what others think the prison walls get smaller and smaller. I know because I spent a couple decades doing that. When I moved across the country from my hometown after college to live with my boyfriend, I went from following my parents, teachers and coaches rules, to his. I didn’t have the self-esteem, knowledge, awareness or confidence to live on my own terms, create my own rules, or even feel what was good for me.

I had no connection with my intuition then. I didn’t trust myself to give me clear answers, so I relied on everyone else’s idea of who I was supposed to be. I followed some weird checklist I learned to follow for my life; go to college, get a good job, find a good man, get married, have kids. Nowhere in there did anyone remind me it should feel good. It was about success, not joy.

Now I know feeling joy is the truest success.

Let’s explore this next big question; if there were nobody left to offend, upset or disappoint, who would I become? We’ll follow the same process we did in Part 1.

Settle into your chair, close your eyes and take several deep, low breaths. Relax into your body and clear your mind. Release the physical tension by unclenching everything with each exhale. Do this for a few minutes before you begin answering the prompt.

Set your timer for five minutes and write as fast as you can until it goes off. Try not to censor this writing. Let it flow without worrying about spelling, punctuation or grammar. Connect with a deeper voice and let that voice be expressed on the page.

Now I’d like you to read what you wrote out loud. This could be to yourself or a trusted friend if you have that opportunity. Feel the words as they vibrate through your throat, over your tongue and move out of you. How does that feel?

If you’re censoring yourself and your story because you’re worried about offending, upsetting, disappointing or hurting someone, you’re missing the point.

Think about the person waiting to hear your story, the one only you can tell. Think about the moment they recognize themselves in your words, understand they’re not alone, and then reach out for help because for once they feel worthy of that help?

If you’re not willing to tell your vulnerable stories, why should we trust you as our healer or our writer? How will I be able to open up and do my healing with you if you remain closed off, guarded, protective, censored and afraid?

It’s our duty as healers to do our own healing work because we can only take someone on the journey as far as we’ve gone ourselves. Part of this is sharing your story.

When it’s out loud, you make it real, and the healing happens.

They say fear is like a wall of fire. You stand there staring, feeling the heat, feeling the intensity, feeling paralyzed. What you don’t realize until after you jump through and look back, is the wall was only a millimeter thick. I should have jumped sooner, you’ll think.

Jump up right now and start writing your stories; Even if journaling them is what you start with. Sometimes journaling can be the Feng Shui you need to do for your soul so that the real stories can come out. Start clearing that space inside today.

So, who would you become?

Stay tuned for Part 3 when we answer the question: if my fear were a compass, where would it be pointing me? I’ll be guiding you through a process that will help you have more fun with your fear, and use that energy to transform your pain into fuel.

If you’re interested in going a little deeper, join me for a special free class on March 1, 2018: Intuitive Writing for Healers; Your Story Can Heal the World! Sharing my secrets, I’ll help you practice this powerful process and inspire you to start writing and sharing your stories!

– Laura

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