A Healer\’s Journey Part 1

A Healer's Journey Part 1 by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Healers

A Healer\'s Journey Part 1 by Laura Di Franco #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Healers

A Healer\’s Journey Part 1: Why You Were Born to Share Your Story 

Healers have a huge mission in the world.

We opted into the challenge of facilitating a process by which people peel off the layers physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual gunk preventing their peak health and happiness. Part of this job is to tell our own story, to help others understand: they’re not alone, pain can be transformed, and there’s purpose to their journey.

What if I told you everyone’s a healer?

In this 3-part series, we’ll explore three powerful questions with a process called intuitive writing, to help you understand the story you were born to write and share. You’ll begin to see how there’s a little bit of healing inside of the writing and the reading, for both the writer and the reader.

By the end of the series you’ll learn something that could change everything – even heal the world. In Part 1 we\’re going to explore the question, “Who am I.” In Part 2 we’ll tackle, “If there were nobody left to offend, upset or disappoint, who would I become?” And Part 3 we’ll wrap up with, “If my fear were a compass, where would it be pointing me?”

I’d like you to imagine this scene: I’m sitting with my sister in our new Christmas dresses waiting for Daddy to come home. Mom’s putting on her pink lipstick and making Daddy’s favorite drink. We’re six and eight and daddy’s little girls, or so we thought. We look up from our cartoons and run for the door for our hug when we hear the jingle of keys at the door.

What we didn’t know then, and why should we, is only a short time later we’d be moving out of the family home and our parents would be divorced. Seeing Daddy every-other-weekend, and at this point, he goes from being Disney Dad to Drunk Dad. At one point, I remember him saying, “I don’t just love you for nothing.”

I spent my journey healing this wound of unworthiness. That took some badass awareness, a lot of forgiveness, and ultimately the recognition of my role as a healer; to use my story to help others through their pain.

We teach what we most need to learn.

Let’s begin with a big question to help you redefine yourself, your roles and your purpose – who am I? Make sure to have a notebook and pen handy for this series!

You were born, so you’re worthy. As a healer you were born with a specific mission, purpose and calling; to help the world wake up by assisting them on a journey back to themselves, a journey from pain and fear to love, health and happiness. And because you were born, your story can help heal the world.

Labels are language. They’re necessary to help us navigate life.

But when they start to define you they’ll create a prison where the walls feel smaller and smaller, the more attached you get to those definitions. Mother, wife, student, boss, daughter, healer, lover, CEO, President; which ones define you? Who would you be if you were not a… whatever you are? I’ll give you a hint, it’s much bigger than you could imagine.

Settle into your chair, close your eyes and take several deep, low breaths. Relax into your body and clear your mind. Release the physical tension by unclenching everything with each exhale. Do this for a few minutes before you begin answering the following question.

Who am I?

Set your timer for five minutes and write as fast as you can until it goes off. Try not to censor this writing. Let it flow without worrying about spelling, punctuation or grammar. Connect with a deeper voice and let that voice be expressed on the page.

Now I’d like you to read what you wrote out loud. This could be to yourself or a trusted friend if you have that opportunity. Feel the words as they vibrate through your throat, over your tongue and move out of you. How does that feel?

The intuitive writing process is a combination of awareness, writing, and giving voice to your story.

We can take this process and with a bit of courage create a path to telling and sharing our stories out loud in a way that feels good, authentic and purposeful. There’s only one risk here; it’s possible you might start to change the world. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series next week when we answer the question, if there were nobody left to offend, upset or disappoint who would you become? I’ll be guiding you in an exercise to help you befriend and overcome your inner critic and fear thoughts and voices.

If you’re interested in going a little deeper, join me for a special free class on March 1, 2018: Intuitive Writing for Healers; Your Story Can Heal the World! Sharing my secrets, I’ll help you practice this powerful process and inspire you to start writing and sharing your stories!

– Laura

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