The Ultimate Guide to Expo & Conference Success

The Ultimate Guide to Expo & Conference Success — How to inspire, make an impact, and let great opportunities flourish.

This year The Wellness Universe and WU World-Changers will be participating in one of the biggest events to hit the west coast of the US, The Best You Expo! Founders and members of The Wellness Universe will be located at booth #201 March 24-25.

We wanted to share some super success tips if you will be participating in this year\’s The Best You Expo, or for any expo or conference, here is some great advice:

The Best You Expo is Europe’s biggest personal and professional development event. Now in its third year, the Expo is held in London and attracts more than 20,000 visitors over two consecutive days. This year, for the first time, the brand is expanding to the USA, taking The Best You Expo to Long Beach, California.

Here are The Best You Expo top-tips for staging your own event, and the secrets to making and facilitating connections that count:

  • Contact Management and Data Collection

The Best You uses Infusionsoft CRM & Marketing platform, as do many of the companies and individuals in the world of personal development. Infusionsoft will also be exhibiting at The Best You Expo in the USA. The Best You Expo has its own App dedicated to the event, ( all attendees are encouraged to download and use the app. They’re incentivized by the fact that everyone who does is automatically entered into a raffle of high-value giveaway prizes. There are also scanners available which log who takes part in a workshop or interactive talk, and speakers that support data capture.

  • Speaking Tips and Checklist

Every speaker on stage is planting seeds. The audience has come to hear you speak, they’ve engaged with the content and they’ve taken something away from what they’ve heard. But remember, that’s not the end of it. Be ready to follow up. That seed you plant could grow massive when you’re not looking. Follow-up requires leads. Be ready to gather names and contact details – and how about adding something special to that process? Reciprocity often works. Give them something there and then: send them a download. A pdf book, a useful app – whatever it is. That way, you’re not just asking for something, you’re building value. A good talk lasts 20 – 40 minutes, and uses interactivity to ensure the audience stays alert and invested in what\’s being said.

  • Exhibit Best Practices

Be visual, be amazing. Got your banner, right? What else do you need to make your stand really stand out? Are you doing activities such as yoga, one-to-one coaching or massage? Make sure you’ve got fantastic bold pictures that are eye-catching. Are you giving anything away for free? A pamphlet, sweet treat or pen? Shout about it! Flow is fab. – make it easy for clients to come on board. Don’t overcrowd your stand – make it welcoming, so clients want to step in and can leave easily, too. One tiny exit and entrance will make things cramped, so make it as open and inviting as possible. Opportunities abound. It is the starting point of countless journeys between you and clients, you and other exhibitors and you. Make sure you recognise them. They’re all around!

  • Make Networking Count

Whether you’re speaking on stage or just exhibiting, networking is key. Speak to your audience, listen to their feedback, ask questions, learn and make lasting connections. Remember, fellow exhibitors can give you opportunities to do great things together. Great businesses start from meetings at Expos. Energy up! Do we need to say it? Keeping your energy up will keep your contacts’ energy and interest up. Take a break if you need to – and come back ten times more energised. An Expo is filled with clients looking for life-changing investment. Be sure to clearly demonstrate how you are worthy of that investment.

  • What You Should Invest

In order to make a difference, you have to invest time, money and effort – driven by your belief and passion. Spend money on what you feel will help you inspire others and get your message across, and you will be able to:

  • Get your message out to a larger audience
  • Create awareness and expand your business
  • Increase your database – expand your target market
  • Educate the public
  • Share innovation
  • Promote progress
  • Grow your business and your wealth
For more information to attend or to speak or exhibit visit The Best You Expo

Join The Wellness Universe March 24-25. Stop by, say hello and pick up a wonderful Wellness Universe Tote Bag as our gift (while supplies last) and speak with our WU World-Changers who will be there signing books, inspiring and educating you.

WU World-Changers who will be Speaking and Exhibiting:

Shari Alyse

Shari is the Co-Founder of The Wellness Universe, an online community and platform of wellness providers and the CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) of Soul Ventures, Inc., a company focused on being a catalyst for positive change on the planet. In addition to building and running, The Wellness Universe, Shari shares her messages of self-empowerment, self-acceptance, and joy as an International Speaker (Joy Magnet), Author, Joy & Empowerment Coach.

Do you ever feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster? One day you’re on top of the world ready to conquer it all and the very next day you’re contemplating if getting out of bed is even possible. Then join Shari on March 25 at 11am at the Mindfulness & Wellbeing stage for her talk, ‘How To Find Your J-Spot’. Shari will help you uncover your very own JSpot so you can finally hop off the emotional roller coaster of life and no longer be a servant to its’ ever-changing circumstances.

Catherine Gruener: 

Catherine is nationally and internationally known for her work with Gifted and Profoundly Gifted Children and Families. She is a Psychotherapist, award-winning leader in business and Author of “Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect when you Have the Unexpected”. Come meet Catherine at the Gruener Consulting Booth #607, pick up a pen or a stress ball and special discount codes for her online parent courses.  Register to win 2 free books!  If you are a parent of a gifted child or know of a parent of a gifted child, come preview, Parenting Young Gifted Children What to Expect When you have the Unexpected, the what-to-expect book for parents of gifted children, or purchase your own copy.

Also join Catherine at her Parenting for Peace and Harmony talk at the Mindfulness & Wellbeing stage, March 24th at 10am where Catherine will share tips, tools, and exercises that will support you in inviting more peace and harmony into your relationships with your children and bring more peace and harmony into your home.

Erika Laszlo:

Erika is a Co-owner of SzuperC Ltd in Hong Kong with her husband. They spread the unique SuperConscious Self-Coaching method to the world. Erika created this comprehensive method that is based on latest scientific research and integrates Western positive psychology with Eastern spiritual wisdom. Her specialties include: SuperConscious Self-Coaching™, Happiness Coaching, Conscious Communication™, coaching, trainings, teaching, energy transformation, personal development, leadership, well being. Erika will be speaking at the Mindfulness & Wellbeing Stage, March 24th at 1:30pm for her talk, 
“How To Realise What Goes On In You And Change Anything That Limits You In Minutes With Superconscious Self-Coaching?” She will also be speaking at 3pm on 3/24 at the Wealth & Riches Stage and sharing “The 7 Money Traps”.


For more information to attend or to speak or exhibit visit The Best You Expo

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