How to Build Self-Trust

The world we thought we once knew has changed.

In one fell swoop, our lives feel like they’ve gotten flipped upside down. People all over the world are experiencing what feels like an insurmountable crisis. Life as you once thought you knew has changed instantly.

Or has it?

The truth is, life was always this unpredictable. There never were any guarantees. Beautiful people with beautiful souls found themselves facing terminal illnesses and diseases. People we trusted spouses, friends, coworkers, etc. who betrayed us, people lost jobs, relationships failed, we experienced unexpected health issues, and feelings of isolation, loneliness, and depression have pervaded our world for years.

But this was our norm, and we got used to it. And now something has taken our norm away from us. A big, massive storm has arrived, blowing away everything we thought kept us safe –our routine. In our routines, we can avoid, distract, and numb because they do not require much conscious thought. We move through life with our eyes closed. But the minute that something unexpected breaks up that mindless routine, we lose our perceived sense of security, safety, and control.

I want to share a secret with you. This might not be easy for you to hear, but I believe necessary to share –you never had any control in the first place. You just believed you did. From where the world currently stands to where it was a few months (or even years) ago, the only thing that ever remained the same was YOU. When you become fully aware that you are the one constant in a world constantly in motion, you can then truly feel safe because you know you will always be there for you. As a Self-Love Coach (and human being), the one commonality amongst us all is that we want to feel that no matter what happens it we will always be okay.

There is only one thing I know that can get you through anything.

There is only one thing I know that can create a sense of happiness, peace, and comfort and there is only one thing I know that is reliable and steady –and that is going within. But why is turning within so hard for so many? Because we’ve been taught that external things create happiness, fulfillment, and safety. We’ve come to believe that our environment, people, and our circumstances are responsible for how we feel. We’ve handed over our power to everyone and everything else. Through my work as a coach and my own trauma healing, I’ve discovered that connecting with our center is how we create peace and stability in the midst of any storm. So, how do you find your center? First, you must trust that it is safe to go there. Nobody wants to hang out with someone they don’t trust. So how do you build this sense of trust within? You show up for YOU –consistently! You create a safe space within that you always want to turn to.

Here Are 5 Ways to Build Self-Trust:

  1. Commit to small daily promises (10-minute walk, 5 minutes of meditation, self-kindness, etc.)
  2. Self-inquiry (Ask yourself how you’re doing and what you need, then listen for the answers)
  3. Self-Compassion (Offer understanding and love to yourself)
  4. Speak kindly to and about yourself (Be your biggest cheerleader)
  5. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people (Good people around you reinforce your sense of self-love)

Here Are 5 Benefits of Self-Trust:

  1. You will take more risks creating a more fulfilling life
  2. You will be prepared for the unplanned, resulting in less stress, worry, and fear
  3. Inner JOY
  4. You will require less from people and be able to enjoy who they really are
  5. You will experience more inner peace

As you can see, taking the time to build and nurture a relationship with yourself based on self-trust is the best way to navigate through life’s unexpected twists, detours, and challenges. You will never be able to stop a storm from coming, but you can be prepared within for when they do. If you would like to explore more ways to build a more trusting, compassionate, and loving relationship within, I invite you to join me for 12 weeks for my Love Yourself Happy 1:1 coaching program.

No matter what storms might be happening around you, when you are solid, grounded, and centered within, there is nothing you can’t get through!

– Shari

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