Shifting Your Financial Abundance Mindset in Uncertain Times

You may have heard of the saying that your business or career will grow in direct correlation to the rate at which you are willing to grow as a person.

This same saying is true when it comes to financial success and abundance in all its various guises. The saying is also true regardless of the times and the world we live in. This includes the external economic, political, and even global crisis environments that we may find ourselves in.

What really matters in the equation is our ability to cultivate an internal state that allows us to create more opportunities for growth. This, of course, includes growth and abundance in all aspects of our lives. We can then live to our fullest potential and in relation to others, this includes financial abundance, career/business success, relationships, etc.  

In times like these, it is extremely important that we connect more deeply internally to vibrate good emotions, good thoughts, and physical well-being. This connects us to our Source; which vibrates unlimited abundance in all aspects of our lives. 

It does not mean that we ignore or pretend that what is going on in our external world (fear, panic, loss of jobs, businesses going bankrupt, not knowing when the next source of money is coming from, and so on) doesn’t matter or is not happening.

It means that we accept it and allow life to flow through us without resistance. We let go of that which we can no longer control.

We then focus our energy on observing the situation, connecting with who we really are, and exploring new ideas, thoughts, learnings, and interests that we can turn to and attract into our lives. This generates more of what we want into our lives including financial abundance. While we may refer to it as a mindset, it is also largely a shift in our way of BEING.

This generates more of what we want into our lives including financial abundance.

While we may refer to it as a mindset, it is also largely a shift in our way of BEING.

As this is easier said than done, below are some practical tools, tips, and steps you can take. They will allow you to cultivate and bring into instant manifestation unlimited abundance of all that is you and in alignment with yourself and Source. 

Remember, you already have it; it is unlimited and you having lots of money does not limit anyone else from having as much money as they want too. 

It is only a matter of becoming a vibrational match for it in the present moment.


START by doing a clearing, grounding, and abundance activation visualization exercise.

Once done, CONSIDER these 3 simple tips for a financially abundant mindset:

Let’s explore the AID Process as explained below.

  • A – Acceptance

It has happened. It is not the end of you though. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Allow the crises moment to flow through you.

  • I – Inner Self

It is a good time to connect with yourself and do some INFLECTION (inward reflection). Your security system has been destabilized. If we look at the Eastern philosophy of the Chakra system, your lower three chakras are now most affected.

They are responsible for your happy, safe, and secure earthly existence. Take some time to meditate, self-care, and give yourself some love, especially to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd chakras. In doing so, you are cultivating more secure, healthy, and creative emotions to attract success. A better vibrational match to abundance.

  • D – Discover

Your whole new self and a whole new world with others. It starts with you as the individual, then spreads to the collective. Your willingness to cultivate and create an unlimited financial and abundance mindset has the potential for a ripple effect for everyone around you and in the world.

Now that you’ve completed the AID Process, you are ready to set an INTENTION to create unlimited financial abundance in your life and all other aspects, too. 

What is the ONE thing you want to create for yourself today and see results within three weeks’ time? Write it down, visualize it, and say: “I activate this at the cellular and DNA level now.”

If you know of any other tools to further anchor this into your physical self, do that too!

Thank you for taking the time out to self-care and create your highest financially abundant self!

 – Maggie Sarfo

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