In Pursuit of L.I.F.E Part 2

In Pursuit of L.I.F.E Part 2 by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #LIFEPart2 #BlogSeries

In Pursuit of L.I.F.E. Part 2. Late joining this series? Catch up on Part 1!

At the age of 24, upon entering the world of real estate I came face to face with my inadequacies.

I wasn’t what anyone would call a natural-born salesperson and was not particularly good at small talk, nor did I have any strong desire to engage in small talk. Yet, in spite of myself, I have enjoyed a 40-year career in real estate, while holding most every position in the industry from top-selling agent to owning my own company for 25 years.

It has been the cumulative experiences during this 40-year span that allowed me to gain a perspective on life that continues to serve me well. That perspective is the knowing, without question, of the role I play in the unfolding of my life experiences.

It is this perspective that empowers and inspires me to create and experience who I am, who I can be, and what I can accomplish regardless of what life offers me. It is knowing that whatever life presents is for my benefit and is never, I repeat never, put in my path to hold me back but provides an opportunity to measure and experience the limitlessness of my power.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

It has been a long and at times difficult and painful journey. I have had many disappointments and what appeared at the time to be setbacks, however on reflection they were opportunities to take a fresh look at who I was, who I wanted to be, and what I wanted to experience.

In the backdrop of these experiences was the constant whisper in my ear, “you are going to do this someday but differently.” Always followed by my thoughts of, “what am I going to do? What is it I am supposed to do? And how will I be doing it differently?”

For as long as I can remember I felt there was a message I was to bring forward. There wasn’t something I was supposed to do as much as something I was to allow. Some might ask what’s the difference. The difference to me was being available and receptive to what was to be expressed through me, as me, and allowing that to take place. It was, is observation without judgment and willingness to allow the message to be expressed in whatever form it desired to be expressed through me.

The language I now use to describe this process is not the language of that time.

It is the language developed as I went through and continue to go through the process and experience of realizing who I am, how I want to experience and express who I am, and how that expression can be of benefit to others. The most interesting aspect of this souljourn is that I now realize I am doing what I was told I would be doing, only differently.

I regularly found and still find myself in situations where I am addressing groups, large and small, on the topics of life purpose, potential, and fulfillment. While it is not the same as being a minister in front of a congregation, I do offer information that helps people better understand who they are, what they are here to do, and how they share responsibility for how life unfolds.

The revelation that people gain from this information is both liberating and terrifying. We are liberated from the burden of living up to the expectations of others, while simultaneously terrified by the prospect of knowing we are responsible for how our lives unfold.

We are always at a point of choice, regardless of what has happened before.

It is in this very moment that we choose our next step, thought, or belief that results in a consequence that is not of our choosing. While we can take steps, hold beliefs, etc. that are aligned with the outcome we desire and therefore increase the possibility of our desired outcome, we do not choose the actual outcome.

Knowing we are the authority in how our lives unfold. Knowing we have been given the power inherent in the gift of choice, it is imperative we choose consciously and wisely.

In my next post of “In Pursuit of LIFE”, I discuss a few of the challenging opportunities life presented.

These opportunities that allowed me to gain a greater understanding of my truth as I move toward the progressive realization of the Truth, which is what I believe we are each here to do.

I invite you to reflect on the challenging opportunities you have been given in life and how they have benefitted you.

How have they supported you in the realization of your truth?

– Jim


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