Insights and Inspirations: Core Beliefs

Insights and Inspirations: Core Beliefs by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #CoreBeliefs

Insights and Inspirations: Core Beliefs by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #CoreBeliefs

Insights and Inspirations: What Core Beliefs Do You Have about Life?

We all have those personal affirmations or rock-solid core beliefs that mean something significant to us.

They keep us going, raise us up, keep us grounded, and give us strength. What one thing do you tell yourself or what is your core belief that inspires you, gives you courage, and/or lifts you up, that you wish to share with someone else?

We asked some of our WU World-Changers what core beliefs do they have, and what keeps them going each day, and we received some really inspiring answers! Read what they had to say, below.

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“What core beliefs keep me going? One simple thing… FAITH!

No matter what my challenges have been throughout my life, Faith keeps me going. Sure, I may struggle at times and my faith may falter, but it is always there, waiting for me. My faith gives me the wisdom to know that things will always turn out and that God has my back no matter what.

Faith is the ability to believe without seeing. You can’t actually ‘see’ Love, yet you know it exists simply because you have felt it.

Seeing isn’t always believing, sometimes you just have to ‘feel’ something to know that it exists.”

Kim Bayne

Reiki Master, and Coach

“Life is beautiful and it\’s what we make of it.

Two things I rely on every day that uplifts me and keeps me going are an attitude of gratitude and affirmations. They keep me grounded and in the present moment.

I give thanks to God/Universe/Divine power for all the things I have and the people around me that add love and joy to my life. This keeps me positive and appreciative of my present circumstances. It keeps me connected to God, the source of supply, and this helps me keep my mind from wandering off into negative thoughts like doubt and fear that bring me down.

I lived in doubt and fear with self-limiting beliefs for many years. It wasn’t until I recognized that I was disconnected from God that I understood my problem. When I started being grateful and appreciating myself and my life, that is when everything started to shift from ‘negative to positive.’ I reconnected with the Universe and my life changed. I began living through faith and love, and I also learned to love myself.”

Samantha Cervino

WU Ambassador, Energy Healer, Coach, and Writer

“The one thing that keeps me going is my faith in God. Trusting and knowing that He has a wonderful future already planned out for me and is guiding my steps to stay on course. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and it always works out for good and God’s glory. My faith keeps me grounded, keeps me strong, and snaps me out of self-pity to focus on being thankful for all the blessings I already have in my life.”

Rachael Taylor

Illustrator, Writer, and Pilates Instructor

“The core belief that keeps me going is knowing that ‘The Universe Always has My Back.’ Whenever I doubt myself, start to worry or go down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole,’ I have to stop, take a deep breath, and then remind myself that Universe is always there for me. I just need to make a different choice and allow myself to get out of my own way. No matter how challenging I think things are, when I try to ‘figure it out myself,’ I end up creating more of a mess than if I just let it be and handed it over to the Universe.

I remember a time when I was going through a major bump in the road. I sat in my kitchen with my hands raised to the sky and said, ‘are you even listening to me, I keep asking and I feel as if you are not hearing me.’ The next thing I noticed as I was looking out the kitchen window was something dropping from the sky and landing on the pavement outside the window. I sheepishly went outside. What had fallen from the sky was a Raven’s Wing, fully intact with its feathers. I looked up, there were no trees above where this had dropped. I humbly returned to my kitchen and sat down, and immediately heard the roar of laughter from spirit. Yes, indeed, they were hearing me and validated this in a very dramatic way. I got it, and I thanked them.

My takeaway from this is that even though we cannot see the physical evidence of the universe’s presence at times, it is there, and it has a great sense of humor.”

Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Nurse Practitioner, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, Speaker and Author

“I believe we are all blessed children of the Divine. I believe we are here to live a life of joy. I believe that we are surrounded, protected, and unconditionally loved by divine forces, who delight in us all of the time. I believe we are here to co-create a life which brings us love, joy, peace, well-being, and wonder. Knowing that I am loved unconditionally keeps me going, it makes me braver knowing that I cannot ‘get it wrong,’ and a different turn on my life path is an opportunity to learn.”

Janette Stuart

Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles and Well-Being and Wonder – WU Ambassador, Moderator and Core Blogger

“LIFE is truly extraordinary!

Many people think of LIFE as something they have or is ‘theirs.’ However, life is not something you can have or claim ownership of, because it isn’t a thing and it doesn’t belong to you – YOU ARE LIFE. Once I realized this for myself, an appreciation for everything arose within me. My new belief transformed my entire view of life, and my personal experience of it.

Instead of feeling threatened and needing to protect myself, a deep inner peace constantly reminds me that I’m always connected and inseparable from the one Life/Source/Consciousness. I no longer need to do anything in my life to feel fulfilled, because I’m already a beautiful expression of life itself. I also use the following affirmations for inspiration: ‘Life is not a struggle, it’s a blessing.’ ‘You can be completely free in this world if you are free of this world.’”

Gus Southey

Law of Attraction Coach and Energy Healer

“Life is perfect despite evidence to the contrary. It is everything we want, everything we don’t want, yet everything we need. Life is everything we make it and everything it makes us.”

Jim Phillips

L.I.F.E. Strategist, Author, Blogger and Transpirational Speaker

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