Insights and Inspirations: Overcome Fear

Insights and Inspirations: Overcome Fear by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #OvercomeFear

Insights and Inspirations: Overcome Fear by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #OvercomeFear

Fear-based thinking can ruin many great things; relationships, personal and professional goals, health, finances, relationships, and more.

The effect can lead to addictions, mental and emotional issues, and a low-level quality of life. Fears hold us back but how do you overcome a fear? Is it positive thinking? Is it a technique? Do you have a tool? We asked this of our WU World-Changers and got some inspiring answers!

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“There’s a lot going on in the world right now that’s causing much fear-based thinking. All of this added to our own personal issues can become overwhelming at times. So how do you shift your thinking to transmute your fears? As fearful thoughts begin to swell up inside, that’s when it’s important to remember you are the creator of your thoughts, your perceptions, your experiences, and your life. Transmuting your fears begins with your intent; your perceptions follow. Setting your intent is paramount. This establishes the energy in which you choose to live each day.

When you master your thoughts, you master your life. Each day before you arise, take a quiet minute to set your intent for the day. An example might be: \’As I go through my day, I choose to perceive each experience from my higher self, my authentic self. I know I am loved, I am worthy, and I am the master of my life.\'”

Dr. Maryann Miller


“Fear is the polar opposite of Love and is an emotion which is self-created by our negative thinking. However, your awareness of it can be used as a friendly reminder to stop thinking and become totally present here and now. Fear cannot survive in the present moment, the only moment there is, because the mind is no longer operating and thinking negatively.

FEAR stands for Feeling Excited and Ready! Once you view it from a positive perspective and start practicing present-moment awareness, your negative thoughts and beliefs will start shifting to more positive ones. You will begin to realize that all negative emotions are Fear-based and created by our Ego or Mind-made (False) sense of Self. This awakens us to discover our true ‘Higher Selves’ who are Eternal Beings of Unconditional Love.”

Gus Southey

Certified ‘Law of Attraction’ Coach

“Like everything in the Universe, fear is simply energy expressed in either its positive or negative form. The energetic of fear has the power to either inspire, invigorate, and propel you or immobilize and regress you. How you relate to and utilize fear in any given life experience is based upon choice.

Choose to adopt the mantra \’Fear is my Friend,\’ thus neutralizing its effects in your life while also allowing yourself to see its many useful purposes.

When overwhelmed with doubt and uncertainty, invoke the mantra to calm yourself while simultaneously addressing the root issues behind the fears so as to move into a state of faith, trust, surrender, and action or inaction as the case may require.

Conquering fear doesn’t require eradicating it but rather coming to terms with it: turning its negative force into a useful positive one.”


Intuitive Advice Columnist, Radio Host, and Author

“Fear is caused by not knowing or ignorance which causes doubt and worry. It can be a negative thing because it stops you from going after your dreams and at the same time fear can be a good thing because it will cause you to think before you \’jump.\’

For me, one way to overcome fear is to recognize it by being present in the experience of fear and then releasing it by walking right through it. It takes courage you may think, but once you understand that fear is an emotion that will pass as soon as you face it and stop giving it control over your thoughts, feelings, and actions it goes away.

What really helped me overcome my fears is understanding the definition of fear and its symptoms. This understanding allows me to recognize it but not give it power over my life. As a spiritual person, I understand that when I experience fear I am disconnecting from spirit. Faith causes peace of mind and peace within eliminates Fear altogether.

I hope this helps you overcome Fear.”

Samantha Cervino

Energy Healing and Coaching, WU Moderator and Ambassador

“Fear is a natural response to a specific stimulus and it’s a part of being Human. The secret to success and happiness is to not let this one emotion rule them all. To be a Master of your life requires managing fear in ways that are emotionally safe, healthy, and empowering for yourself as well as others.

One way to effectively overcome fear is to acknowledge feeling it. Acknowledging you are afraid does not mean giving your power to fear. On the contrary, it’s an act of ‘re-cognition’ that paradoxically helps switch from the fight or flight response to logical thinking. This helps to feel the fear and do it anyway.

To overcome fear, simply stop and take a few deep conscious breaths. This supports the parasympathetic nervous system to calm down, reducing the fear. When the brain is flooded with oxygen it can function more efficiently, so you can literally think with a clearer head.

When fear strikes, don’t shoot the messenger. Ask calibrated questions to get clear about the beliefs and thoughts that fuel any unruly emotions of fear. Then choose to change them and install new positive patterns of behaviour.”

Trilby Johnson

Emotional Breakthrough Mentor, Author, and Speaker

“Personally, I have learned that what I fear is a part of me that needs to be loved, nurtured, and accepted. We have been programmed to run away from, ignore, and or “Stuff” those fears we are experiencing.

Fear is an emotion. With an emotional response, there is a physical or somatic aspect attached to it. Further defined, when you think of something that you are fearful of, there is usually a sensation somewhere in our body. When I think of something I am fearful of, I get a knot in my stomach. Our normal “reaction” is to make it go away ASAP, keep it at bay, and try to control it. What I am sharing here is counter-intuitive to what we have been taught in our culture. The physical sensations one experiences, when faced with fear are opportunities for parts of our self to become reunited, to become whole and complete.

In this case, I would lovingly embrace the “knot in my stomach” and love it unconditionally like a child or my favorite pet no matter how naughty they have been. Appreciate it for being there and getting my attention.

The fear really wants to be loved, supported, and reconnected with us. Once that happens, it usually dissipates, and peace is restored.”

Dr. Dolores Fazzino

DNP, Nurse Practitioner

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