Insights and Inspirations: Joyful Holiday Childhood Memories

Insights and Inspirations: Joyful Holiday Childhood Memories by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Memories

Insights and Inspirations: Joyful Holiday Childhood Memories by The Wellness Universe #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #Memories

Insights and Inspirations: What are Your Favorite Holiday Memories that Brought You Joy as A Child?

We asked some of our experts, our WU World Changers, what were some of their fondest and joyful holiday memories from their childhood, and we received some really inspiring answers! Read what they had to say below.

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Now that we are adults, we can look back on childhood and can think of a fond memory that will stay with us forever.

It may have to do with family, gifts, tradition, meal or how we observed the world through a child’s eyes. Please share with us a fond memory that happened during the holiday season, to bring awareness to the grown-ups of what really mattered to you.

Let’s inspire the other parents out there by sharing what will matter to their children years from now.

“My mom would give my brother, sister and I a small amount of money to buy each other gifts. We would shop at Woolworth’s Drug Store, Christmas carols playing all the while. It was such a festive day. We were able to choose whatever we thought our siblings would love within our small budget. It was so fun to view all the items and choose what we thought our siblings would love. Afterward, we would have a snack at the Woolworth’s counter. So many fun memories.”

Janette Stuart

Emissary of Joy

“I remember the Christmas that my father built a child-sized wooden hutch for me. My father loved to build things, and I remember that I had a china set of doll-sized dishes. They were so pretty; white with red roses and gold trim and I loved them. He built the hutch specifically to hold my dishes. It had 3 open shelves and 3 shelves below with cabinet doors I could open and close. It was made of a light-colored wood and finished with a golden stain and it had a decorative piece across the top. I can still remember how I felt when I came downstairs on Christmas morning to find that lovely little hutch waiting for me and my china dishes!  I was ecstatic!  I had lots of other presents, but that hutch meant the most to me because my Daddy built it just for me. I couldn’t wait to use it and show it to my friends and it immediately became a prized possession. Each time I looked at it I felt my father’s love.

My father was a steelworker, and his days were all about hard work and harsh conditions. When he had free time, he enjoyed woodworking and he used his talent in remodeling our house through the years. My hutch was the first piece of furniture he ever built, and it held up so well through the years! I remember keeping it in my bedroom well after I had outgrown its original use. To this day, I love the smell of wood shavings because it reminds me of my father, his love for me, and his extraordinary talent for building lovely pieces of furniture for his family’s use.”

Diane Boyko Achatz

Holistic Transformational Health Coach

“Growing up in Uruguay, South America, we celebrated The Three Kings Day on January 6th. I always looked forward to this day after Christmas, as I would receive another gift under the tree from the Kings.

We celebrate Christmas on December 24th and open our gifts from Santa at midnight. It is always fun to gather the whole family together, listen to music, have great conversations and stay up late.

In Uruguay, December is Summertime, and it is tradition to go outside and watch the fireworks and mingle with the neighbours.

Wishing everyone a Feliz Navidad!

Samantha Cervino

Self-Development Coach, Reiki Master, and EFT Tapping

“What brought me joy as a child was coloring books, letter writing, and books.  I loved being able to spend time coloring.  It is such a peaceful pastime.  I find now that it brings me to a place of calm very quickly.

Letter writing was all about sharing me with others. I miss getting letters from others, although being connected on Social Media is my way of writing letters now.  I love writing letters to my friends catching up on how life is for them using private messaging.

Books. You can NEVER have too many books. I loved immersing myself in stories. The most wonderful thing to watch in the present day is my Granddaughters love of books. Now we are able to share this beautiful pastime together.”

Karen Cherrett

Holistic Counsellor and a Very Experienced Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie

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