Inspiration of the Day by Robert Clancy

Inspiration of the Day by Robert Clancy #WUVIP #IOTD #InspirationOfTheDay #InspiringQuote #Robert Clancy #TheWellnessUniverse

Inspiration of the Day by Robert Clancy:

True Gratitude … Be content with all you have, to be at peace with all you are.

You are a child of light, born with everything you’ve ever needed in life right there within you. Every peace-filled sunrise is there every morning to shine upon your beautiful heart. Every wave is the ocean is created to flow over your precious soul. Know without a doubt that every star in the universe shines for your loving spirit.

True gratitude is more than just giving thanks for these divine offerings; it’s giving all the love in your heart to everyone around you. Time spent with family or simply volunteering to ease someone else’s life is a priceless gift. Your heart may be an open door to love, but to really shine, all the windows to your soul must be also open—it’s the only way to allow all the light in. You are the gift.

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