Inspiration of the Day for January 16th by Shari Alyse

Inspiration of the Day for January 16th by Shari Alyse #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #ShariAlyse #IOTD #InspirationOfTheDay

Inspiration of the Day for January 16th by Shari Alyse

Some people think that they have to do HUGE things in the world for their life to have some sort of purpose or meaning. What you do every single day matters and adds value to the world. How you treat others matters.

When I was seven years old, I was sexually molested. I had reported what happened to me and I had to go through the whole legal system with a trial, etc. The day of court, I was terrified. I didn\’t know what was going to happen. All I knew is that I didn\’t want to have to see this person again and tell in front of all these people what happened that day.

Two “ordinary” people changed that whole experience for me and really in some way, changed my whole life. While I was waiting to take the stand, I was left with two paralegals or assistants in a room. They played Barbies with me, talked to me, made me laugh and truly made me feel so protected that day. A lot of that day is a blur to me, except for those two women. Because of their kindness and compassion for a little girl, they helped me get through that awful day and showed me what goodness and love can really do. They transformed a whole experience for me simply by their actions.

So, the next time that you doubt who you are, or what talents you have, or what you are capable of doing, please know that just being a loving human being is ENOUGH to change the world.

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