Using All of Your Intuitive Senses Leads You to A Gift

Using All of Your Intuitive Senses Leads You to A Gift #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #IntuitiveSenses #InnerKnowingness

Using All of Your Intuitive Senses Leads You to A Gift #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #IntuitiveSenses #InnerKnowingness

People often ask me why following our inner knowingness is important. 

They ask, “How is it going to change my life?”

My answer is always a variation of “why would you want to follow any direction that doesn’t have your highest good first?”  Your divine guidance always will lead you to greater awareness, peace, and joy.

When we respond to and give precedence to society’s rules, family standards, or logical analysis instead of our own intuition, we can fall into the trap of dismissing our own values and miss opportunities. Life becomes confusing. We lack clarity about why we make choices. We exist for others but do not thrive for ourselves.

When we use all our intuitive senses and follow the guidance we are given, even when it doesn’t make logical sense, we can find a gift at the end of the journey.

There are 4 Major Ways Our Intuition Guides Us: 

  • Clairvoyance (seeing).
  • Clairaudience (hearing).
  • Clairsentience (feeling).
  • Claircognizance (knowing).

My intuition guided me to use all these senses in order to find a special gift.

In a meditation a few years ago, I kept seeing a green stone (Clairvoyance). I could see myself as a healing priestess and the stone was my healing partner. The connection between this healing stone and I was deep and powerful. The stone was strong and so was I, but together the energy was many times magnified!

I was guided to find the stone again and allow the stone to help me in my healing practice and life’s journey. About a week later I was talking to a friend about this vision and someone else mentioned seeing green rocks at Marshall’s.

That was my Clairaudience direction.

Logic said I will never find my green healing stone at Marshall’s, but I followed the guidance anyway and detoured to the store. She said they were in the front of the store but when I got there I didn’t see them. However, my clairsentience pulled me towards the back of the store. It was as if there was a string between me and something that was energetically drawing me towards the back.

Sitting on a shelf was this green stone that had been glued to a piece of wood and turned into a paperweight. I must admit, I had hoped that wasn’t my stone! The moment I picked it up, I knew (Claircognizance) that it wasn’t my stone.

As I turned to leave, I noticed another larger stone sitting on the bottom shelf. When I picked it up I could feel my heart and the heart that is on the front of the stone connect, open and amplify. I heard “I’m home,” and I knew I had found my healing heart rock!

In the three years since I was reunited with my heart stone, we have accomplished many powerful healings, created amazing content, and taught brilliant classes.

Following my intuitive senses gave me the gift of an old friend.

Have you ever found a gift by following your intuitive senses? Do you now know of a time that you didn’t follow your intuition and it cost you? Please share your experiences with us in the comments section below!

– Carolyn

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