5 Well-being Tips to Inspire and Guide Busy Women

5 Well-being Tips to Inspire and Guide Busy Women by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #WellBeing

5 Well-being Tips to Inspire and Guide Busy Women by The Wellness Universe #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger #WellBeing

“Make a commitment to yourself, to your self-care, to your well-being, to your life.” ― Akiroq Brost

How do you find time in your busy life for your own wellbeing?

Let’s face it, your daily work and life schedule doesn’t have enough hours for one more “to do” even you. With so much going on, acquiescence becomes our silent unwanted partner who quietly settles within… placing a strong hold on moving the dial forward regarding your desire for a lifestyle approach to well-being.

While busyness, lack of time, and life overwhelm are more often the norm, settling for less than you deserve does not need to be your norm. There\’s good news! You do have the right and ability to take ownership of what defines a life of wellbeing to you even with a busy life.

There truly isn’t a one-size-works-best approach regarding the best way to be well. What defines a sense of well-being for one person may look and feel completely different for another based on preferences and life season.

Well-being is a unique combination of things including but not limited to physical, emotional, social and economic, all wrapped up with positive potential for self-ownership.

A good place to start your well-being journey is by asking yourself a question.

Something like, “What is one thing I can do for myself and wellbeing today that is likely and realistic?”  Find a quiet place to ask and reflect and really listen to what comes up. Use self- compassion as you wait for your answer.

Here are 5 Well-being Tips to Inspire and Guide Busy Women:

  1. Spend Time Daily in Silence.

While this seems counterintuitive it is actually a potent antidote countering a busy life. Find a time that will truly work for you whether early morning, midday or at the end of your day. Being still and quietly gives your brain and body a chance to rest, reset and de-stress.  Using intentional daily silence can ward off stress-related health issues while offering clarity and possible solutions. How much time in silence? As little as 5 quiet minutes can have the lasting impact. Mediation is another form of silence that can be used with your breathing or using a guided recording from one of many wonderful smartphone apps!

  1. Add “Do Nothing” to Your Schedule at Least Once per Week.

Downtime like silence is crucial for wellbeing both physically and emotionally! You are not “being lazy” when you do nothing. In fact – you are opening the door for a time to think and create which gives you the ability to find solutions and see things more clearly. If you are an active doer reframe your mindset to see unscheduled time as productive rebuilding time for body and soul!

  1. Practice Weekly and/or Daily Gratitude.

It is easy in our packed out and media exposed lifestyles to focus on all that isn’t going good in our cities, nation, and the world. This adds a layer of ever-present stress. Notice one or more good thing(s) that are yours and bring them to light by taking a moment in sincere appreciation. Nothing is too small for gratitude! Practicing gratitude is a small but impactful way to bring emotional wellbeing into your life!

  1. Schedule Annual Exams.

Yes, this includes gynecological. Get up-to-date with your doctor(s) and dentist. If you don’t know your numbers: Lipid panel, blood sugar, blood pressure, Thyroid and the overall state of your health how can you be in charge of your wellbeing? Living in ignorance may give you a false sense that “it’s all good” or “what I don’t know won’t hurt me,” only to find out that had you made time for an exam -more proactive and preventative measures could have taken place versus treating what may now have become a serious issue.

  1. Find Your “Diet” Balance by Eating More Whole Foods.

Eat more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Don’t forget to limit processed, sugary, and fried foods. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily. Give yourself margin so you enjoy vacation eating and eating out socially knowing that you are in control of getting back to your healthier plan. If you travel for work, make the best of what is available and look for healthier food choices on the menu or from catered meals without getting derailed and then giving up.

Your well-being is a lifestyle journey.

Take your time as you create these healthier habits. Give yourself room to learn by trying different things so knowing how to best show up on your behalf is effortless and no longer another “job to do.”

What is one thing you are going to do starting now for your well-being? Please share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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