IOTD for January 30th by Laura Probert

IOTD for January 30th by Laura Probert #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #CoreBlogger #LauraProbert #IOTD #InspirationOfTheDay #InspiringPosters

IOTD for January 30th by Laura Probert

The healing journey is about directing your life in a way that serves love and joy; in a way that feeds your soul. Which way are you pointing?

It’s a matter then of orienting yourself in a particular direction, aiming yourself toward the things that fill you up, create happiness, create health and generally feel nourishing and good. You orient yourself with your conscious thoughts, beliefs, and actions; with the conversations you have, the way you listen or speak, and the choices you make.

You have control over each one of these things inside of your awareness. Your ability to watch what’s happening as far as your thoughts, words and actions – and adjust your sails – that’s the awareness you’ll need. You can’t change the way the wind blows. You can only make a decision about the sails. The wind is what’s happening in your life. The sails are your thoughts. And you are the captain, your awareness the thing that will drive the boat in any direction you choose.

Are you the captain of your ship? Or are you feeling like a passenger going for a ride, stuck hanging on for dear life? Do you see how the way you think, and what you decide to say, do or be will determine your course? What’s getting in the way of you taking the helm?

It might take a mutiny.

To get to the point where you’re aware enough of your own thoughts, and the way those thoughts sabotage the greater vision you have and the direction you want to go, you may have to start a mutiny. You have to be ready and brave enough to take over the ship. You have to know how to drive it, make a plan for attack, then with a swift move (inside every waking moment of your life) grab the wheel and start steering.

If you plan on keeping that ship headed in your desired direction you can’t let go of the wheel. Stay present and do not let your thoughts, beliefs and actions go unnoticed. Be curious. Watch what happens when you get a little sleepy and the ship veers off course. Then right it again with a slow, smooth move back to center.

You are the captain. Point the ship toward a horizon of love, joy, health, hope, positivity, possibility and passion. Expect the waves, the wind and the storms … but don’t let go of the wheel.


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