IOTD for March 15th by Jenny Tasker

IOTD for March 15th by Jenny Tasker #IOTD #InspirationOfTheDay #TheWellnessUniverse

IOTD for March 15th by Jenny Tasker

Every of us have those days, weeks, even months, of trials and tribulations. We get so caught up in all of our struggles that we sometimes lose our way, staying stuck in this cycle of “Why me?”

We seem to forget just how powerful and in control of our lives we really are …

Not every moment is going to feel perfect, or even light-filled, we will always have moments of saddens and struggle. It is part of our learning process. It\’s embracing, and constantly maintaining our faith in our light.

You must believe that we are worthy, and enough, just exactly as you are. Be in complete acceptance of you, and your one-of-a-kind luminescent light, because you are so much more than enough.

If we can remain focused on our resilient and powerful light, and trust in the lessons that we must learn, we are then able to stomp through these difficult phases, and fiercely light our way through to the next quest on our journey, like the Warriors of Light that we all are.

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