Truth About Raising Funds Successfully

The Truth About Raising Funds Successfully
Raiising Funds Successfully #WUVIP

80% of fundraisers fail. You really do have one shot. This is the truth about raising funds.

Do not waste time, money or thinking that everyone will throw money at your spectacular idea or hardship story… It\’s just not the reality. It\’s as easy as looking at any crowd funding site to see how many campaigns are sitting at $0 or less than 50% of their goal.

This doesn\’t have to be you.

Either for business or personal reasons, anyone can do a fundraiser through crowd funding. Most will flop since they do not take the necessary steps. These days, it takes more than your awesome project which all of your friends and family say \’of course that\’s an awesome idea.\’ It takes more than a crew of animal lovers supporting your dog needing surgery or people who want to see you get out of your debt from your student loans. It takes more than your passion or your proposal. It takes planning, work and strategy to reach these people in the masses and get your story across and through to their hearts.

Don\’t be discouraged, because people do succeed and sometimes supersede their goals!

People are bombarded by crowd funding friends and strangers every day. From the person seeking funding to buy a lunch box to a family seeking funding to help with medical bills, we see them everywhere and I can bet, even you have passed on donating to one, or a few. But of the ones you have donated to, why? What was the magic that made you dig deep into your pockets to support that particular fundraising campaign?

Let\’s share the magic elixir. Secrets revealed in \’Successful Crowd Funding with Orly Amor\’

How do you get people to bond with your cause and WANT to support your success?

What will make your fundraiser successful?

Why is fundraising a great alternative to getting investors?

What are the \’must dos\’ that no one talks about to be successful?

What platform should you use? Knowing the differences in the options are critical to your end goal.

What do you mean there are \’perks\’ to fundraising?

What to do AFTER the fundraiser is over.

Orly Amor is expert on the ins, outs and upside downs of crowd funding. It\’s not just the platform you pick to host your fundraiser or your compelling story, there is vital groundwork and pre-launch tips, tricks and strategies that must be implemented to possibly be in the top 20% of successful campaigns.

Would you do a triathlon without training and planning? Don\’t risk your campaign to inadequate planning or attention to detail.

This 2 hour intensive class will give you all you need to create a successful campaign. Join us 3/17 at 2pm EST.

This class will be recorded. However, join LIVE so you can ask Orly questions. All live attendants have access to the recording.

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