It\’s Already Been Written, But Not By YOU!

It\'s Aready Been Written, But Not By YOU! by Laura Probert #WUVIP #QOTD #QuoteOfTheDay #March11th

The thing that hasn’t been written about yet is that thing that’s graced with your experiences, quirks, personality, knowledge, and expertise.

You’ve heard this little inspirational tidbit, I know you have. You get it, but haven’t totally allowed yourself to believe it, right? It’s all been done before, you think to yourself. Why would people want to hear this again? Here’s why. It hasn’t been written by you, and because you haven’t yet added your unique and awesome brand of magic to the idea, it really doesn’t exist yet in the form that might help someone else. So get cracking!

Sorry to tell you but it’s ALL been done before (including this exact article!). Having a unique idea in this day and age of information overload is rare. The thing that hasn’t been written about yet is that thing that’s graced with your experiences, quirks, personality, knowledge, and expertise. Nobody else has yours. Nobody. Believe it this time and stop getting in the way of us being blessed with your brilliance.

If you’re going to let the excuse of it’s all been done before stop you, how do you explain that idea you have that eats at you day and night, waking you up out of bed without an alarm clock? How do you explain that you were inspired in the first place? How do you explain that energy? It’s not fake, and it shouldn’t be wasted. It’s your job to do something about it.

“There has never been, and never will be another version of you. It doesn\’t matter what\’s already being created, what\’s already being sold, what\’s already being done, what\’s already being taught, there\’s one BIG thing that\’s missing from the marketplace. YOU!” ~Torrie Pattillo

Seriously, it’s your job to so something with that gift! For those of you who read Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, you’ll remember the story about the book she started writing but never finished. Her author friend ended up writing that book instead. Did you believe her story about that energy passing her up and looking for the one who was paying attention?

I did.

Because I’ve had moments of my own when the inspiration came and I decided not to do anything with it – and had to watch as it slipped from my brain’s grasp and floated away into the ether. We’re inspired for a reason! It’s our duty to make something of that, whether we think it’s been done before or not. We must understand that our version is the new version that might help someone.

Your voice and its unique way of expressing in the world is the only and single reason you should write what you want to write about, even if you’ve read something similar. In fact, why don’t you grab a quote from that thing you’ve read, and use it for fuel. Add something new and interesting to that old idea. Give us a new perspective or way to think about it. With close to eight billion people in the world, we could use another viewpoint, actually, we need it!

And this isn’t about stealing someone’s idea or words. This is about expressing yourself. If you use someone else’s words, we’ll know, mostly because it won’t sound like you. We don’t want them, we want you. You are the one we’re vibing with. You’re the one that will light our fire.

Holding back because you think the topic’s already been written about just cheats us out of the chance to really get something we didn’t quite get before – something we were waiting for your voice to teach us.

I experienced a great example of this recently. I had done some writing and pondering about the idea of the flow of giving and receiving, and until I read this particular gentleman’s stuff, I thought I had a handle on what I needed to know about it. When the lightbulb went off for me in the middle of his inspiring words about the same topic, I smiled. I traveled one new layer deeper and something clicked that hadn’t before. And at this point, I could even choose to do a follow-up blog about that same topic if I wanted … just a new angle, a new layer, that might help someone else get it.

The mission today is to peel away one of the excuses that might be getting in the way of you expressing your genuine, brave soul to your own peeps. If you think it’s been done before, cool. Do it again and add your flare. Promise you that someone is going to pay attention and benefit from the fact that you decided to share your ideas and thoughts too. Join me in the comments with your ideas about the excuses that get in the way of your flow. What helps? What doesn’t?

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