IOTD for November 6th by Amy Camie

IOTD for November 6th by Amy Camie #WUVIP #TheWellnessUniverse #IOTD

Please take a moment to enjoy the IOTD for November 6th by Amy Camie via The Wellness Universe and walk away feeling better and inspired! 

“Change brings you closer to YOU.”

During these times of intense change, be gentle with yourself and remember we are all reflections of nature – continually evolving in our own unique way.

A while ago I came up with an acronym for CHANGE that helps me \’go with the flow\’ – perhaps it will offer an insight into something happening in your world today

C – constant
H – happenings
A – affecting
N – new
G – growth
E – experiences

Every moment, every choice, every step, every breath, creates change.

How do you experience change?

Do you resist it, exhausted yet continually swimming to the safety of a familiar shore in a stormy sea of uncontrollable waves?

Do you gently move with it as the sunlight travels across the morning sky?

Do you push through it, trying to anticipate every possible flash of lighting and it\’s potential firey results?

Do you dance with it as the bumble bees buzz from flower to flower?

Do you recognize it as a natural part of life, living, learning, growing, and experiencing this amazing gift of Being?

What types of change are you going through? Whatever they are, and however you are experiencing them, here\’s a gift to help create a gentle loving space today – a free audio download of “Morning Star” from my “In the Light of Love” solo harp CD.

May you open to the beauty and wonder of the ever-changing experiences that lead you closer to YOU. {#emotions_dlg.heart-stars}

In the Light of Universal Love,