Amy Camie

Amy Camie is a spiritual harpist, inspirational speaker, recording artist, composer, Co-Initiator of The ORIGIN Method of Self-Discovery, and author of “Loving Life… All of It - A Walk with Cancer, Compassion, and Consciousness.”  She loves empowering others through presentations and seminars on healing music, resonance, and conscious self-care.


Welcome to February, the month named after the Latin word februum, which means purification, and the one most recognized for Valentine’s Day; a day we often share affections of love with others. The history of Valentine’s Day, St. Valentine, and the circumstances that surround the naming of February 14th as a day of romance are […]

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You Made A Choice: Conscious Self-Care Part 1

Congratulations! You just made a Conscious Self-Care choice. Are you thinking, “What’s the big deal? I just clicked a button to read an article.” And that’s the point. You did something; you made a choice. Whether it was conscious or not, it’s a step toward conscious self-care. Are you someone who: Helps others before taking care of

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Building Tolerance and Empathy through Music

Years ago, after taking my sons to school, I parked in our driveway and continued listening to their HALO video game soundtrack CD. It was mesmerizing – the heavy drum rhythms, expansive orchestration, full chorus and powerful guitar tracks unlocked hidden aspects I was ready to explore. My natural tendency had been to resist listening

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