Jazz Living: Sound Vibes for Wellbeing

Junk sound is like junk food to our nervous system. The constant sound of traffic noise, for example, can increase stress levels, especially for people sensitive to sound. Beautiful bird songs and nature sounds feed us. Harmonious sounds nourish the nervous system like a luscious meal of healthy whole foods.

While writing today, I am listening to sound therapy to find my flow state.

The Global Wellness Institute (GWI) documents scientific studies with evidence of the benefits of wellness practices. About music therapy, The GWI website states,

Science is now proving what the ancient shamans, spiritual masters, teachers, seers, and healing artists have known for thousands of years. Sound, music, acoustic resonance and/or vibration have a profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional, relational, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Here are three sound and music therapy resources to soothe your nervous system and help you find a state of focused relaxation and/or increased cognitive function.

Search your favorite music channel for this music:

  • 60bpm A tempo of 60 beats per minute slows your heart rhythm as your body and brain entrains with the beat. The brain enters an alpha brain wave state of conscious relaxation. This is good for mental alertness, sleep, and focus.
  • 528hz 528-hertz frequency is part of the “Solfeggio frequencies” effective for improving sleep quality and reducing stress. John Lennon’s Imagine is composed in 528hz.
  • Groove music – Listening to groove music affects the interaction between body movement and brain function. Music that makes your body want to move has benefits similar to exercise.

The Global Wellness Institute cited a Scientific Report where

Japanese researchers found that listening to music with a groove (music that causes the sensation of wanting to move to the rhythm/beat) can significantly increase measures of executive function. This first study of its kind used both brain imaging and measured individual psychological responses to “groove music” and found that music with a groovy beat impacted cognitive ability.

I did a quick YouTube search for “Groove Music” and found a fabulous and funky girl jazz band, TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI, that I will listen to again. My new favorite jazz band!

When I listen to these types of music, whether it’s 60bpm, 528hz, or a groovy beat, my body automatically wants to move and relax into the flow of the sound vibration. I call that Body-Soul Movement. Allowing my body to move with sound feels nurturing, nourishing, and healing. It feels like I‘m a seaweed in the ocean. Anchored and in the flow.

Sharon Carne, Director of the Sound Wellness Institute, is my guest this month at High Vibration Living: Leaders Bridging Inner & Outer Peace. Sharon uses sound and music to bring body, mind, emotions, and spirit back into harmony. From a harmonious inner state, you can maintain and support your health, prevent illness, and extend the quality of your life.

Sharon will take us on a journey into how deeply we are wired for sound and how to use sound to support our wellbeing.

You’re invited to join us LIVE for:

High Vibration Living: Leaders Bridging Inner & Outer Peace
Guest Sharon Carne, Sound Wellness Institute
Wired For Sound
Wednesday, July 26, 9:30-10:30amET
High Vibration Living: Leaders Bridging Inner & Outer Peace is a vibrant gathering of heart-led leaders and influencers of youth. Recordings are available. Donation based. Register in advance https://bit.ly/HighVibrationLiving

 Our High Vibration Living sessions include thought-provoking activities, reflective journaling, and engaging Q&A with like-minded souls.
Come as you are! Leave feeling blessed!

Hope to meet you there!


Global Wellness Institute, Music Therapy. https://globalwellnessinstitute.org/wellnessevidence/music-therapy/

Scientific Reports. Fukuie, T., Suwabe, K., Kawase, S. et al. Groove rhythm stimulates prefrontal cortex function in groove enjoyers. Sci Rep 12, 7377 (2022). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-11324-3 https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-11324-3

TOKYO GROOVE JYOSHI, a Japanese all-girl jazz band. https://youtu.be/3K8dNctci1Y

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