Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for November 14th

Jim Phillips\' Wednesday Wisdom for November 14th by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomForNovember14th

Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for November 14th! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

“The realization of your truth is the key that unlocks the door of your self-imposed prison.”

I often speak and write on the limiting beliefs we hold that hinder our living in full expression. These limiting beliefs are nothing more than illusions, invisible chains that bind us. When we allow the truth of who we are to be the experience and expression of our true Self through our human form, we are free…totally free.

The illusion of limiting beliefs can be easily shattered. First and foremost, by acknowledging they exist and that they only exist because we created them and hold onto them. You might question how you create them. Our beliefs begin to take form as a result of our perceptions, judgments and what we hear, see, experience, etc. They become beliefs when we “choose” to accept them as true. Once accepted as true (consciously or not) we make decisions and take subsequent actions against them. As we make decisions and take actions against these “untruths” we attract or create situations and experiences that validate them as true.

“When we become aware of and acknowledge our limiting beliefs, we can transcend them.”

We can only change that which we have created. When we acknowledge that we created and are therefore responsible for our limiting beliefs we can change them. This is done by questioning our beliefs out of curiosity, without guilt, blame or judgment and a desire to change the way we are experiencing life. Questioning is not done to create doubt; it is done to move ever closer to the truth. From the truth, we can make better decisions and therefore create a better life.

Secondly, we must acknowledge them for what they are; untruths we hold about our Self and life in general. Look at an untruth you hold about yourself and examine it? Why do you believe it? Is it in fact true? What evidence do you have that proves it is not true? What similar experience have you had that required what you say you can’t do or don’t have, but you actually did it?

You might have been uncomfortable, but nonetheless, you did it. There is a huge difference between being uncomfortable doing something and holding a disempowering belief that you can’t do it. And of course, the more you do something the more confidence you gain resulting in the limiting belief being shattered.

“Shatter the illusion of your limiting beliefs by becoming aware of the beliefs that limit you, then make choices and take action that moves you beyond the limits of the belief.”

One final thought on limiting beliefs that might at first seem contradictory.

“Limiting beliefs are our ally when regarded as such.”

If we accept a limiting belief as the truth, and subsequently make choices and act from that truth, we are disempowered.

If we accept a limiting belief as an ally and it’s “soul” purpose is to let us know when we are out of alignment with our truth and then make conscious choices and take actions to realign to our truth, we are empowered.

“If you consider your Self a limitless being, how can you possibly hold limiting beliefs?”

See you back here next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for November 21st

– Jim

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