WU Soul Food and Heart Hugs for November 12th


Welcome to the first installment of The Wellness Universe\’s new series, WU Soul Food and Heart Hugs!

Each week, we will feature inspiring quotes from our WU World Changers that are sure to feed your soul and hug your heart! Do you know someone that could use a pick-me-up? Please share this article with them and brighten their day. Oh, and don\’t forget to stop by our Facebook page to share the gorgeous quote posters, too!


“Heartbreak taught me that freedom lies inside,

right at the center of who I am,

available in the depths of exhaustion,

and in the heights of gloriousness.”

Manuela Rohr, BDY/EYU, C-IYAT, PRYT

Owner of Yoga with Manuela

“We come into this world to grow spiritually and the way that happens is by dealing with others and understanding our differences.”

Dr. Maryann Miller

Founder and President of the Institute for Global Transformation®, (IFGT)

“Choose Health, choose happiness and most of all, choose love.  Once you choose, that’s where the magic is.”

Cheryl Meyer

Health Coach and Anti Toxin Expert

“Your Uniqueness is Your Brilliance.”

Lisa Meisels

Online Visibility and Impact Catalyst

“Stop waiting for permission from others to be great.” 

Earl Hall

Mentor of Purpose

“It’s okay to fail!  Failure is simply the Universe giving you another chance to succeed. When you, at last, succeed at your chosen goal, the Universe will gladly give you more opportunities for success.”

Diane Boyko Achatz

TCM Health Coach and Founder of Renewed Vitality Health & Fitness Coaching

“Allow yourself the gift of being a grateful recipient. This act helps balance your energy and allows others the gift of giving.”

Janette Stuart

Emissary of Joy, Angel Angles, and Well-Being & Wonder

“I feel successful when I fail. At least I know that I need to choose something else next time.”

Erika Laszlo

Creator of SuperConscious Self-Coaching™, Founder of SuperConscious World

“Highly Sensitive People are SuperHeros with SuperPowers here to lead and heal!”

Marilyn O’Malley

Personal and Professional Coach for Highly Sensitives

“If someone or something has extinguished your candle of hope, you can light it again from mine.”

Elizabeth Clark

Hope Advocate and the author of  “Choose Hope”

“When you feel good, good things happen!”

Terri Lynn


Thank you for joining us! See you back here next week for WU Soul Food and Heart Hugs for November 19th! 

– The Wellness Universe

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