Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for November 28th

Jim Phillips\' Wednesday Wisdom for November 28th by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomForNovember28th

Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for November 28th! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

“Love is the linchpin of life.”

As you read these words, “love is the linchpin of life,” let them sink in.

How does it feel? Do you agree? If love were removed from life would humanity exist? Or better stated, would humanity have a reason for existing?

A definition of linchpin, “something that serves to hold together parts or elements that exist or function as a unit,” certainly supports the notion that without love humanity could not exist, at the very least not exist as it does.

The actual definition of a linchpin is, “a pin passed through the end of an axle to keep a wheel in position.” It is interesting that a common statement that is made when things begin to go wrong or not as one might have expected is, “the wheels have come off.”

If we refer to a person or a thing as the linchpin, we are referring to it as the most important component of whatever it is we are describing. And so it is with life. Love is the linchpin of life. Love holds all that we are, all that we have to give and receive and all that is important in place.

I also use the phrase, “love is the linchpin of life” in another way. It is a double entendre of sorts. The word life as I use it in my book, “The Key to LIFE,” is the acronym for living in full expression. If we apply this meaning to love is the linchpin of life, then we have love is the linchpin for living in full expression.

Living in full expression is living from our essence, living from and as our truth.

It is allowing that which we are to be fully experienced and expressed through us and as us. It is said, and I believe, that we are an extension of the Divine that is clothed in humanity.

The Divine is love, therefore we are love.

Without love, we would not exist. In truth, nothing would exist because everything is of the Divine.

Regardless of how we might perceive something, it is always an expression of the Divine, the all that is. When you are feeling disconnected as if the linchpin has been pulled and all of the wheels of your life are falling off, look at the situation, including others that might be involved, from a perspective of love and see how the situation changes. Most importantly, look at your Self through a perspective of love, no judgment, no fear, just pure love, and see how your experience of you, changes.

As “The Beatles” put it so succinctly:

“All you need is love. Love is all you need

There\’s nothing you can do that can\’t be done Nothing you can sing that can\’t be sung Nothing you can say, but you can learn how to play the game It\’s easy Nothing you can make that can\’t be made No one you can save that can\’t be saved

Nothing you can do, but you can learn how to be you in time It\’s easy

All you need is love, all you need is love All you need is love, love, love is all you need

There\’s nothing you can know that isn\’t known Nothing you can see that isn\’t shown There\’s nowhere you can be that isn\’t where you\’re meant to be It\’s easy

All you need is love…”

“Be the expression and experience of the love that you are, and the world has the love that it requires.”

See you back here next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for December 5th!

– Jim

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