Jim Phillips\’ Wednesday Wisdom for September 19th

Jim Phillips\' Wednesday Wisdom for September 19th by Jim Phillips #TheWellnessUniverse #WUVIP #WisdomForSeptember19th

Welcome to Jim Phillips’ Wednesday Wisdom for September 19th! Each Wednesday, WU World Changer Jim Phillips will share some mid-week wisdom for you to ponder and embrace!

“As you are less of your self, you are more of your Self.”

We often hear that we should always work towards being a better version of our self. While this is an admirable goal to pursue, in Truth it takes us further from the Truth of who we are.

By becoming a better version of our self, (notice the lower-case “s,” which is interesting in and of itself that we call this lower case) we remain in that lower frequency of our personality, albeit kinder, more compassionate, more loving, etc. We work hard to become better in the image we hold of ourselves that is grounded in the beliefs we hold about our self, many of which are limiting and untrue.

It is akin to working harder at becoming better at a job that we do not like. The job remains the same. We still don’t like it; we just become better at it. Or we find a recipe for baking a better chocolate cake when in Truth we don’t even like chocolate.

We are not on this planet in physical form to become a better version of the human we believe our self to be. We are here to allow the Divine being that we are to fully express and experience through our human form. In Truth, we cannot be that which we are not.

“Life is the process of allowing that which we are to be that which is experienced and expressed through our physical form.”

Discarding the cloak of humanity reveals the Divine Self that we are, always have been and always will be. It is the systematic shedding of layer upon layer of untruths that have been heaped upon us and accepted as true. It is allowing the Light that we are to burn off the fog that obscures our Truth.

“The clouds that obscure the sun do not become the sun any more than that which obscures your Light becomes you.”

The following was received and written in 2008 after a presentation on living in full expression of our Truth. It simply sums up that who we are in Truth is not who we believe our Self to be, but who we believe our Self to be will change to reflect the Truth of who we are.

I AM who I AM. Always have been and will be. Who I AM is who I AM and will not change. It is who I believe my Self to be that changes to reflect who I AM, SO I AM who I AM.

As you are less of your self, you are more of your Self. As you are more of your Self, you will create and experience Heaven on Earth, the Divine in full expression.

See you back here next week for my Wednesday Wisdom for September 26th!

– Jim

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